4 Things Your Man Thinks of

Hey, no one can really get into the brain of a man. We are warned to not venture there but I had to know what my man is thinking about every day. So I asked a couple of men what are you all are thinking about when you have that pensive face. I get bothered when I see my husband silent and thinking hard because I don’t know what he’s thinking about. I want to know!

Missing Your Spouse
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Anyway, I was so curious I just had to know what my man is thinking and here’s what i found out. Men usually think about these 4 things constantly. Not every man is the same but not in any particular order, here’s some things they think about:


This one is kind of obvious but it’s not thought about like how movies play it to be. It’s not first on their mind but it’s important. They do think about sex but in different agendas like when’s the next time I’m going to have sex with my girl? Will it be satisfying for my her? They may even plan to have sex to relieve stress and/or to sleep better.


Money, money, money. It’s all about the money. Am I making enough money? Can we afford our bills or what can I do with our money? Those are just a few money thoughts in your man’s head.


What’s gonna happen tomorrow? How about in 5 years? When am I going to have kids? Am I prepared for armageddon? They are thinking about the next day and if they are ready to conquer it.


From what is God going to do next to is there a God up there? Men do think about purpose and reason for life. Some put this first and others last but it is there.

So while you may be frustrated that your man thinks too much, don’t fret. They’re usually good things! Follow @trudotworks on Twitter for more tips!

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