77 Questions & Thoughts ALL Women Have Had

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Being inside a woman’s head is impossible to do but it’s nice to get a feel for what we think about daily. Women are constantly aware of how people view them and what they plan to do next. We simply are constantly thinking on bettering ourselves, our goals, and what new thing we’d like to try next. Here are some of the questions we ask ourselves and thoughts we have at some point in our lives.

1. Do I want to get married?

2. Am I fat?

3. Am I fun?

4. Should I dye my hair?

5. Would I make a good mom?

6. Am I pregnant?

7. What if I can never have a baby?

8. If I like what he likes he’ll want to go out with me, right?

9. What job do I want to do?

10. How long do I have to deal with this?

11. Can I just sleep more?

12. Why do we have pain on my period?

13. Does giving birth really hurt that bad?

14. Do I stink?

15. Should I eat that?

16. I just want to have fun.

17. Am I being a nag?

18. Why don’t you understand me?

19. How can she be so comfortable like that?

20. If she can wear that then why can’t I?

21. If I have sex with him he’ll stay.

22. If I got pregnant would he stay?

23. Does this match?

24. Starbucks is expensive.

25. I’ll still buy it.

26. I’m hungry again.

27. I gained weight.

28. I don’t have a butt?

29. Is he going to pay?

30. If I act like myself he may not like it.

31. Have I been with too many guys?

32. Do I like girls?

33. Definitely not.

34. What’s the point of life?

35. I need to work out.

36. I shouldn’t eat this.

37. I’ll eat it anyway.

38. Ugh, I have to cook.

39. I wish I can go on a shopping spree.

40. Contacts or glasses?

41. I need to stop throwing my clothes everywhere!

42. I hate when he does that.

43. Man, she’s so pretty.

43. How did she get her hair like that?

44. Is he looking at me?

45. This is too weird.

46. When can I leave?

47. I just straightened my hair!

48. Is this too fresh?

49. Am I dumb?

50. What’s wrong with me!?

51. My mom is going to say something about this.

52. I’m turning into my mother!

53. Do I miss my dad?

54. Should I call him?

55. What is he doing?

56. You’re on Facebook but can’t call me back.

57. How many likes does she have?

58. She’s wearing the same short as me!

59. Fine, I’ll go.

60. Does sex hurt?

61. Is it supposed to look like that?

62. I don’t believe in marriage, I think.

63. Where are you, God!?

64. Makeup or no makeup?

65. He’s cute.

66. I’m gonna become a nun.

67. I should tan today.

68. I wonder what I would be like if I got drunk?

69. I never want to get raped.

70. I hate pimples.

72. My mom is the best.

73. Just listen.

74. Don’t tell me what to do.

75. Hair up or down?

76. Don’t touch me, it’s too hot.

77. Am I ugly?


If you’d like to know what your woman is thinking, just ask her. She’ll totally tell you.

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