A Grouchy Man Can Change Because of a Loving Wife

Men, we know you have your days. Women have you ever had your man be so grouchy toward you? You probably noticed his attitude changed right after a discussion. Whatever the case, you really can’t do anything about it.

©Ryan McGuire 2016
©Ryan McGuire 2016

If your man is normally an all around chill guy and you know that he’s acting weird it’s probably not that big of a deal. A simple apology would do wonders and then leaving your man alone will give him space to breathe.

Fix up a quick meal so that he can relax. It really helps that if for the moment if you can stop to think of ways to make your man happy.

After a meal, give him some time to himself and he’ll eventually open up and let you know what’s wrong especially if you have learned how to communicate with him. It could take a couple minutes or a day or two but patience will reward you when your man finally cracks.

Remember when speaking to any man you must speak to him with respect and calmness.

It could take him hours to turn around but that’s why you are a patient women. You catch up on errands, work out or read a book until he’s ready to talk.

Some men get this way because of finances or loss of motivation. There can be many reasons your man is in a funk. give him time to cool himself down and you both can then work on a way to get back on track together.

Keep in mind and reflect on his needs:

  • Has he felt respected or admired by you lately?
  • Has he been sexually fulfilled lately?
  • Has his home been well-kept and peaceful lately?
  • Have you kept yourself looking attractive?
  • Have you been supporting of his dreams or goals?

Once you know you’ve been on meeting his needs lately you’ll be relieved that most likely his beef is not with you.

Remember, when you’re the one who’s in a bad mood you’ll hope that your spouse will take care of you by taking you out on a date or shopping of let off some steam.

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