Before You Ask God for Anything

Before you ask God for anything ask yourself, ” Do I believe God can give me what I want?”

Before You Ask God for Anything
©Dave Meier 2015

You see, God can do anything. It’s truly unexplainable how Powerful and Almighty He truly is. The wonderful things is that He is also Caring and Loving as much as He is other things.

He also loves when we ask Him for things. The reason for that is because it declares to Him that you need Him.

The thing is that you have to check yourself before you ask God for something. The simple fact that you call God, “God” already states that you’re not as close to Him as you may think you are.

Try calling him Daddy God or father. Get yourself a closeness with Daddy God that you have never felt before. The name God is distant to Him. Why would you ask Daddy God for help when you feel so distant to Him?

The only way to get closer to Daddy God is by letting yourself be more intimate with Him. Tell Him your secrets, your thoughts and anger. Let him know your frustrations and hurts. Read about Him and his works in the Bible. Spend time with Him everyday.

It doesn’t mean you kill yourself and force yourself to spend every minute of everyday trying to spend time with the Father but take your morning to listen to a good sermon or read scripture. Pray and enjoy the sweet time early.

When you ask Daddy God for help, now you will feel and believe that He can do all things through Christ for you.

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