“Bacon & God’s Wrath,” Jewish Woman’s Epiphany

“Bacon & God’s Wrath," Jewish Woman's Epiphany“Bacon & God’s Wrath," Jewish Woman's Epiphany
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Sol Freidman’s “Bacon & God’s Wrath,” is a documentary on a moment in time of a 90-year old Jewish woman’s renouncement of her faith and tradition.

Razie Brownstone had decided to let go of her faith and to show her declaration she would prove her new step into life by eating bacon for the first time at 90.

Razie asked by her psychiatrist select questions about her religious upbringing and what led her to change her traditions at this pint in her life. In the film, she tells stories of her great-grandmother who had a twin sister who was rather mischievous. Word had spread out about an act the sister took place in which enraged her Jewish community. The rabbi had her sister punished and we can only guess what the punishment was because Razie did not want to tell that part of the story.

Due to the animation in the film, we can assume the punishment was violent and unjust. This is just one of the few things that had left Razie with despise against her Jewish community and traditions. Razie also shares that the same rabbi that punished her great-grandmother’s sister was later arrested for illegally selling guns.

With not much to lose Razie had one day wanted a recipe and found herself using Google as an easier way of getting  her recipe. At first, she was reluctant to use the internet because of the way she was raised where it’s believed that media was wicked but she learned to use Google and Razie was shocked and happy to find that while she typed in her question to Google it had already begun filling in what the end of her question might be.

Razie found a happiness knowing that other people had the same questions and interests as her. She found a “connectedness” with Google that she never felt at a Jewish synagogue. Razie found that she wanted to learn more about what other people thought and what else the world had to offer. The internet had changed her life.

Razzie had found that she wanted to use more reason over faith and that she couldn’t believe she had faith in something without evidence. She had learned that she indeed wanted to become an atheist. This is where we find that it was now time for Razie to eat bacon.

Razie visits a diner nearby and her story comes to an end with her realization that she wasn’t stricken down by God’s wrath for eating bacon. Razie actually enjoyed the bacon and believed her coffee and bacon was an actual good breakfast.

Razie’s story is told by her own word but with the help of animation her thoughts, ideas and memories can be shared with us more vividly.

Razie was hurt by her religion and with her stories, we can feel what she felt or possibly relate. Sol Friedman, the director of  “Bacon & God’s Wrath,” may have wanted his viewers to understand that although you may have been brought up a certain way it is never too late to figure things out for yourself.

Whether what you want to understand has to do with religion, psychology, sexuality, gender, or anything else, it’s never too late to go through your beliefs to see if you need to change things up, update yourself, or possibly even reaffirm your faith.


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