Bad Internet, by CollegeHumor a Youtube Red Series

Bad Internet by CollegeHumor
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I have never been more aware of my internet problems and habits than after I watched the Youtube Red Original Series, Bad Internet created by CollegeHumor.

Bad Internet is a ten episode series where each episode is a little over ten minutes long and in each episode different actors face real world problems that the internet now gives us in 2016.

Each problem they place in front of us is a gentle reminder that we may be too comfortable with the internet. CollegeHumor carefully picks their actors and not only are these actors CollegeHumor talent but they are also YouTube stars.

Unlike most series, we do not follow one main character throughout the series. Instead, each episode in Bad Internet has a different storyline and a new set of characters played by the same actors. The actors in Bad Internet are Anthony Padilla, Ian Hecox, Will Arnett, Jack McBrayer, Jean Smart and Oscar Nuñez.

Each actor is chosen by the writers carefully to act out each scene and scenario specifically to tell a story to the audience about our bad internet habits.

The internet problem in each episode of Bad Internet range from poking fun at the quizzes that online blogs make up to determine our personalities or how many kids we will have in the future to the possibility of a company making our search history open to the public and what damage this problem would create for the world if this type of information was made public.

In the episode, The Seventh Billionth Wheel, the focus is on online dating. There’s a website created that can match everyone to find the love of their lives. It just so happens that the main character in this episode is the one guy that cannot be matched.

He is eventually called into the company’s headquarters and refunded his twenty dollar sign up fee and now lives a life based off of what this website has determined of him. After he is refunded, he suddenly believes that he has based his entire life on finding his significant other. He then lives his life knowing he will not ever find his other half and becomes careless in his hygiene and how he acts in social events with his friend.

I won’t share how this story ends but after each episode, you slowly come to ask yourself, how much control over my life does the internet have? Does the internet determine how I act and who I am?

Bad Internet wants you to ask yourself these questions.

Another episode that has a great impact on the CollegeHumor audience is the episode where a company had decided to go public with everyone’s search history. Of course, no one in the entire world took this news seriously. As the news programs got more and more serious about the search history event actually happening a specific family we share this event with finally decides that this event could actually happen.

It was hilarious to see each family member prepare for their search history’s becoming public. It didn’t take long before they all ran off to their laptops to erase their search history but in the end, their efforts are useless because even though you may delete your search history, that information has already been stored away.

Once the countdown is done and everyone’s search history is made public each family member cannot avoid reading each other’s search history and they do. They all find out what they each have been recently searching and each family member has a lot of explaining to do about their searches. The release of everyone’s search results created a huge problem worldwide and I won’t ruin the series for you but this episode made me realize the idea behind Bad Internet.

The writers of Bad Internet are clever. They not only make fun of the internet but go as far as making episodes completely about other internet technology companies like Uber, Amazon, Hulu and of course YouTube with the end goal of making their audience realize that the internet has a little bit of a hold on all of us.

The internet is integrated into our lives and we use the internet to determine who we are as people, our social and love lives and even simply by how we use the internet to get simple things done.

Bad Internet, achieves their goal to make everyone aware of their internet use and want you to realize that everything you doo on the internet is being recorded and that the internet does not indeed need to determine who you are as a person.

The internet has its pros where we can communicate with each other around the world, create businesses online and learn about anything we want at our fingertips but it all comes with a price. Will yu give up your privacy, time, or self for the bad internet?


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