Before You Break Up

Relationships get harder as time passes on and you learn more about each other as the months go by but at one point your relationship could end up at the brink of a break up. What sucks is some idiots will break up with people without considering holding on and fighting through it.

Before You Break Up
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Giving up on a relationship is easy, fighting for your relationship is harder but that’s where the value in your relationship goes up. The longer you last the more in value it goes up. Before you break up consider a few things:


Ask yourself, how long have you’ve been in this commitment? It could be a 3 month long relationship where now you stop putting up with pet peeves of the other person.

It could be 6 months long where now you get into reality of each other’s lives, schedules, families and money.

It could be over a year long where the excitement may have run dry if you haven’t kept up with it. At this point you may have lost the flame but it’s your choice to keep it going. Would you really want to start over again with someone else?


Most people break up because of a disagreement. It could be over stupid matters or serious decisions like religion, marriage, children, sex or money. The question is, do you have a valid reason to end the relationship or not?

Someone changing on you isn’t enough reason. No one can change on you over time, a little but of themselves is exposed as time progresses instead. That’s relationships for you. Habits are displayed and opinions are shared. Those are little reasons to end a relationship than compared to future responsibilities like how many children you want (if you want any at all), where to live, religion and tradition, marriage. When you disagree completely about any of these things and no one wants to budge, you can’t keep going as if the problem doesn’t exist and so the only solution may be to end it.

You sit down and confront it (the disagreement). Whether it’s resolved or not is on the both of you. If you are wrong, apologize. If you are right, apologize.

Are you mad?

Anger can have you do stupid things which is why you shouldn’t act or speak when you’re mad. Is your argument that serious? Can you give yourself time to calm down? Why are you really upset?

If you break up with someone every time you have an argument you won’t ever get married. Look, people aren’t perfect and neither are you. Don’t you want someone to put up with you for the rest of your life? Then it’s time you grow up and take a breather and start putting up with someone yourself.

Find out the true problem, listen to each other and don’t break up. Spark the love once again, choose to keep at it and don’t ever give up!

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