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True Story Early Marriage

True Story: Early Marriage

True Story Early Marriage Why did you get married so young? As a young married couple, my husband and I constantly get people shock and wonder how is it that we found each other so early in life, let alone marry each other! Every time I reflect upon that question I try to come...


Trust in Today’s Relationships

Why do we trust people less? As a society, especially in youth culture- we don’t trust many people. It’s obvious with the rise of cell phones and social media usage that it’s easier to pretend to be someone you’re not online Not only that, many of us come from broken families, and are living in...

True Story Teen Stress

A True Story About Anxiety: Teen Stress

A True Story About Anxiety Rachel King is a great writer. She’s super relatable and honest. This story is a personal story. A story about how a teenager, on her way to adulthood, found her own way to defeat anxiety and stress. This is a true story about anxiety that others may also relate...

Sex Before Marriage Forgivable Pinterest

Is Sex Before Marriage Forgivable?

Is Sex Before Marriage Forgivable? I asked Kristin to share a personal testimony of hers that she could share with others so that they would relate to her. Kristin chose to speak about sex before marriage. A lot of girls make the decision to have sex before marriage. Some girls even think that doing...

What If I Stop Drinking Coffee

What If I Stop Drinking Coffee?

What If I Stop Drinking Coffee What If I Stop Drinking Coffee? I never thought I would stop drinking coffee. I never intended to stop drinking coffee. At one point my life got so busy that I forgot to drink coffee for one day. I was ready to make a cup of coffee to...

Treat People With Kindness Blog Post

We Must Treat People With Kindness

Treat People With Kindness Every person we meet is a person who has a soul, spirit, and conscience. Everyone you meet is human and how you treat them can affect the rest of their lives in a great way or negative way. It is very important we treat others as god as we are....

How to Be Good Enough For Me

How to Be Good Enough For Me

How to Be Good Enough For Me There are some people where no matter what you do there’s absolutely nothing you can do to feel good enough for them. It makes you wonder when you’ll ever be good enough for that person. You can think all day on how to make things better and...

She Keeps Bringing Up the Past True Story

She Keeps Bringing Up the Past

She Keeps Bringing Up the Past Are you staring at her talk about the past and all you can think is, “Not again with this, she keeps bringing up the past”. This woman is always reminding you of what you did last year. Every time she thinks you messed up here we go with...