My Body Changed After I Turned 25

My Body Changed After I Turned 25
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My body changed at 25. Like clockwork, my body decided it was the perfect time to change the way my hair, skin, and digestive system works. It only took me 25 years to get used to the body I already have and the system it had laid out but now my body changed unexpectedly and I had to learn how to handle the changes all over again.

Now, I’m 26, and it has taken me a year to understand the way my body works now. My body changed completely into another body instantly. One day, I was okay using the same face scrubs, shampoos, and eating habits. The next day, my face grew cyst acne, my weight fluctuated, and my hair grew differently.

I can’t speak for men but as a woman, this is extremely frustrating. We spend so much time working out the kinks with our bodies that simple changes in hormones affect everything! My body changed at 25, and I have had to tackle each problem separately.

My body changed and so did my acne

In high school, I had horrible acne. Then after 18, it went away. I was pretty much acne free for many years. Until I turned 25. When the demons have come from my skin and my battle with cyst acne began.

When my body changed, my skin went with it. I woke up with cases of cyst acne. I only knew they were this kind of acne because I had to read about it. My acne was definitely not regular plain pimples which I would’ve loved instead of the cyst acne.

Cyst acne is horrible. This acne grows deep and is caused by hormonal changes. But it’s horrendous. You cannot pop this kind of acne, you can’t pick at it or it’ll spread under the skin. Once it disappears which can take from 3 days to over a week, it’ll leave a scar that will last a very long time. I have scars from a year ago that I have to cover up with concealer if that even helps. They even hurt to the touch and you can feel them when you smile, or when your shirt brushes against your face. It’s such a nuisance.

Today, I have very few breakouts except in times of deep stress. And so, after a year I learned that my acne was stress-induced. My face has changed so much that the acne products I did use to control my acne were making things worse.

How I fixed my cyst acne after my body changed

It took me over a year but I finally have 90% control over my acne. I cannot use a face scrub anymore. Any type of acne cleaner I use must be a plain cleanser. There cannot be any kind of scrubbing or hard pieces to exfoliate my face at all. My face has grown so sensitive to that type of cleaner that I will get dry patches, and breakouts instantly.

I now use, First Aid Beauty, and St. Ive’s Timeless Skin. That’s it. I do use moisturizers from Ole Henriksen to prevent dry skin and moisturize overnight also. My skin is a desert. The Timeless Skin helps get rid of acne scars and the First Aid Beauty Cleanser is just enough to clean my skin and remove makeup. Lastly, before putting on makeup I do use the Ole Henriksen truth serum to prepare before I use makeup so that the makeup doesn’t lay on my actual skin.

This had taken me many months to perfect. I’ve been through a lot of horrible acne and I’m so glad that it’s almost over with. It took many trials, but I’m, finally able to like my skin and feel confident with myself again.

When my skin changed, I also had to deal with my body, it was so frustrating trying to manage both but thankfully, I was able to figure things out.

My body changed, and I couldn’t eat just anything anymore

Once I hit 25, at 12:00 am on August 16, I became lactose intolerant. Maybe I’m exaggerating but I literally have always had whole milk growing up. I married my husband and I was okay with 2% milk. Even though I always believed it wasn’t real milk. Yet, at 25 my throat began developing phlegm like crazy.

I coughed up phlegm constantly and I became sensitive toward cheese, ice cream, and shakes. I knew I had to do something about my diet, and I went on a fast. All I ate was purely vegetables, meat, and fruit. I wanted to introduce certain food back into my diet and thankfully, the first reintroduction I did was milk.

When I reintroduced milk into my body, I have realized that my body was rejecting dairy. I cried inside because I love all dairy products, and I couldn’t believe that this was happening to me. This one change would’ve been enough for me to handle but then again at 25, my digestive system also changed.

At 25, your body falls apart and you have to piece it back together

At 25, my digestive system decided to take a break. Ugh, everything I loved about food had to be thought about carefully. Not only was dairy off of my list but eating carbs like crazy was not an option anymore. My weight had already fluctuated a lot as a teenager and as a young lady but even now my weight is more sensitive to my carb intake.

Pizza, sandwiches, burgers, ramen, and all the most amazing and tasty foods I love I must be careful with. Even the rice I cook, I must eat carefully. I can’t eat whatever anymore.

I’ve always been careful with what I eat but now I must make sure I don’t go over my calorie requirements for the day. If I do I will feel it by the end of the week.

I currently have to do more cardio than I did before, and I build muscle to keep my legs thick and hips thick as well. Yet, I’ll admit, this kind of muscle is hard to move, which is better when doing cardio because it makes my body work harder to be more fluid.

Why my body changed at 25

It is quite common for females to go through hormonal changes at 25. Our skin changes, our hair, and even our bodies don’t do what they did and become their final state at 25. I believe 25, is your final year of body changes. Maybe I’m wrong, but at 25, I feel as if my body made it’s final whim of changes and is now in place for my older years.

I haven’t even had kids yet but I believe that’s another reason my body changed so fast because it had no reason to stave off my hormonal changes. Maybe I’m crazy but it feels like I’m being punished for not completing my female duties.

Every girl’s body will change

Thankfully, I was not alone in my body changes. There were many articles online about female body changes. our skin, bodies, and hair will change at 25 when we finally are confident and understand ourselves.

I wanted to share this article because I wanted my friends and followers to know that my body changed too.

You’re never alone especially in body changes and that’s why I wanted to share this post. Actually, I’ve written about my body mishaps all in the health section of the Tru.Works blog.

Has anyone else had any body changes like this? I’d love to hear from men also. Tell me in the comment section below, please!

Yessenia Diaz has a background in graphic and web design but is also intrigued by writing and teaching. Yessenia created Tru.Works as an outlet for all her talents and continues collecting stories from around the world to share with people all across the interweb. Follow Yessenia on Instagram and her favorite, Twitter, @ythegreatdiaz.


  1. Candace
    March 8, 2018

    Yeah! I do experience this changes a lot you know the body works in a way only God knows.

    1. Yessenia Diaz
      March 8, 2018

      That’s definitely true. Thanks for reading!


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