Bum Friends Have 4 Recognizable Traits

Bums are people who take advantage of someone else’s money. They don’t care if it’s their mom or dad, boyfriend, girlfriend, brother or sister, and/or best friend. They use people and use their money and possessions for themselves.

Bum Friends Have 4 Traits
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You could be living with a bum right now and be completely clueless. There are four traits that determine if you are a bum or if you’re living with a bum right now and you can read those below:

Lazy With No Job

Bums have no money and that is because they have no job and they have no intention of getting a job. There’s always a reason and excuse to why they can’t have a job or get one.

Nowhere to Live

Bums have no family or they’ll let you know that their family abandoned them someway. They have nowhere to live and they can’t go back to their parents house. So they live with you and use your appliances and eat your food every day.

Crazy Life Story

When you met them they seemed normal until they told you about their life story which so happens to be a very crazy and (untrue) sad timeline of events that happened to your friend. The world was against them and so that is why they are where they are. They’ll even have you believe that you saved them.


The most obvious trait that bums have is the traits of making excuses for why they can’t cook or clean or help out with errands. There’s an excuse to why they can’t get a car or their license or why they can’t travel to their interview or why they can’t to make it to work on time. There’s always an excuse for why they cannot do something.

If you’ve noticed that since you met this bum you are missing money, losing possessions, or things around the house seem to be getting broken from time to time you are probably living with a bum.

Also the fact that you’re paying for everything and the bum is living for free is more than enough reason to let you know that you are living with a bum.

Get rid of your bum as soon as you can and if you can’t for some reason. cut them off quickly, before they get too comfortable and believe me once their comfort leaves they will leave fast!

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  1. ymatamorosdiaz
    November 6, 2015

    I know a bum!


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