Overcoming Feelings of Shame

Overcoming Feelings of Shame Blog Post

Overcoming Feelings of Shame The struggle with shame is a real one. Everyone has feelings of shame to overcome. Overcoming feelings of shame isn’t an easy task to do yet Hanha Hobson managed to do so. In her story, Hanha shares how she overcame her struggle with shame through Christ. Here’s her story: I...

The Jesus I Thought I Knew

The Jesus I Thought I Knew Blog Post

The Jesus I Thought I Knew Come travel back with me to one afternoon in April 2016. I’m in my final year studying English literature at university, and I’ve got two weeks to write all 8000 words of my dissertation. I still have no idea what my actual thesis is. In fact, I feel...

Marsha Wright- Who is Marsha Wright?

Marsha Wright's Think Big Sunday Impact

Who is Marsha Wright? Every Sunday, in the Twitterverse, there’s one woman who goes by the name of Marsha Wright. Marsha begins her Think Big Sunday event once the clock strikes 12. She isn’t just any goal setting entrepreneur on Twitter. Marsha Wright is married to entrepreneurship. She leads in over-achieving in anything that...

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