Get More Involved With Each Other

Get More Involved With Each Other

Some men won’t let their women go near the checkbooks or log into bank accounts. Some women do the same to their men! There are relationships where anything that happened in their previous relationships they bring into their current relationship. This alone stops many relationships from becoming more intimate with each other. What is there to

The Woman Who Wants

The Woman Who Always Wants

You know her. She spends your money left and right. She may work but you have no clue where those dollars are. Some don’t work at all and just swallows your income. Please stop her. Stop her now and don’t give her a credit card. Money Awareness This woman has no clue that money is

4 Things Your Man Thinks of

4 Things Your Man Thinks of

Hey, no one can really get into the brain of a man. We are warned to not venture there but I had to know what my man is thinking about every day. So I asked a couple of men what are you all thinking about when you have that pensive face. I get bothered when

I’m Living With a Know-it-All 😡

I'm Living With a Know-it-All

This person knows the answer to everything. It doesn’t matter who, what or when the question is asked they know everything. They know it all. They don’t let you finish your question, they answer back before you can think and worst of all, you live with them! 😤 If you haven’t realized it then let me

Do You Know the Needs of a Man?

In no particular order, a man has 5 basic needs. I have learned this through reading many books and only one book has captured this perfectly. “His Needs, Her Needs” by Dr. Willard Harley Jr. I suggest buying this book for a more in-depth explanation of a man and a woman’s needs. Click here to