Cedric the Entertainer Hits Nashville and Netflix

Cedric the Entertainer Hits Nashville and Netflix
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Cedric the Entertainer hits Nashville to perform stand up at the historic Ryman Auditorium. Live from the Ville can be streamed on Netflix as of September 16.

When it comes to comedy there are many great comedians. The Original Kings of Comedy is a group of four comedy legends that we can always count on for laughter and fun. In this group, we have Steve Harvey, D.L. Hughley, Bernie Mac and Cedric the Entertainer who are all gifted comedians who can sell out shows at any venue.

Like any King of Comedy, Cedric the Entertainer has sold out the historic Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, Tennessee. In Live from the Ville we begin the show with voiceovers of other entertainers and comedians like Ice Cube, Steve Harvey, Jerry Seinfeld, and Chris Rock who explain their love for Cedric and his skills as a comedian.

The intro then cuts to a live performance of the Tennessee State Marching Band who introduces Cedric to the main stage with pizzaz. The Tenessee State Marching Band hypes the crowd up and brings excitement to the auditorium. Not long after, Cedric joins the band and dances along with them with great moves such as a dab and an attempt to do a split on stage to finish.

With an excited crowd he acknowledges his Nashville audience and asks them to sit down and we immediately enter the realm of Cedric’s jokes with his charisma and his down to earth personality. Cedric begins his routine with speaking of how he’s the last “brother” to lose weight in Hollywood and the fashion choices of the young folk in today’s generation.

Cedric then continues on about the music of today and how different music is now. He brings up Rihanna and Beyonce and how their music is extremely influential to his children. Cedric also discusses how entitled his children think they are to his money and time. He shares a few examples about this and begins with an example of how his daughter wanted a new Camaro even though she’s not the best student.

He also shares a story about how his son sat his date in the back of Cedric’s car waiting for Cedric to take them to their date location. Cedric just couldn’t believe his son thought he was going to drive them around as if he was an Uber driver.

Cedric’s overall theme to his performance is that he is living in a new era where he is now living in the background of this new generation and how he is happy to be left behind to enjoy his life while his children and friends deal with the problems of today.

Cedric also shares throughout his routine the challenges he faces living in a generation where we now have different ways to communicate. He has tried emojis when texting his wife, learned about Snapchat and what the kids use it for, and has also discovered that people date differently than they did back then. When Cedric learned about the news that Lamar Odom spent $75,000 on two women for whatever reasons it made Cedric feel old because he could never imagine himself spending that amount of money on two women. He completes the joke with his statement on how he’s been out of the dating game for too long.

Cedric’s routine is streamlined as a King of Comedy routine should be. He discusses awkward situations in his life and how different his generation is from the generation of today. With Cedric, you know you will laugh and receive entertainment that’s worth your time because Cedric knows what he’s doing. The stage is his comfort zone.

In Live from the Ville, his performance goes from joke to joke as if he has many stories to tell like catching up with an old friend. The jokes don’t necessarily connect to each other almost duplicating how conversations today can go from A to Z when talking about recent events in our lives.

Cedric’s performance ends with a light note with black jokes and how he would react in different situations such as zoo animals leaving their cages and running loose on the streets, his opinions on why a woman was possibly kicked by a giraffe, and how as a black person at a company picnic, he finds himself trying to avoid eating chicken and watermelon to avoid meeting stereotypes but he can’t help himself to sneak chicken and watermelon anyway.

If you’re looking into standup that will ensure you of laughter you cannot go wrong with anything from Cedric the Entertainer. Watching Cedric the Entertainer Live from the Ville 

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