Depression and Comparison

Depression and Comparsion
©Christopher Campbell 2015

You know I had a conversation where I was asked where I thought depression came from. I was silenced because I had never thought about this. Of course, whenever I get asked a question like that I like to apply the question to my life to see if I’ve experienced the question before I answer it.

Depression to me does happen when I compare myself to other people. The biggest thing that bothers me these days is the whole makeup craze. I have no idea how some of these girls can do some of the things they do with makeup. They look flawless and magical while my dry skin keeps me from having a glow and my pores just make my makeup look patchy. It’s annoying to me.

Then there are the girls that are fit. Now I’m fit but some girls have arms and abs that I can only imagine having for right now. It’s just so overwhelming to see perfect people all the time and think that you’re less than perfect. But, a lot of people forget that these people all started somewhere.

The people you see in magazines and movies and even in YouTube all started working humbly and you won’t see their entire story unless you inquire about it. Maybe Kendall Jenner had some help in her modeling career but for the most part, most people start their careers with nothing. Many in shape people begin their fitness career as out of shape people and many businessmen had to take a loan out before they made any money from their business.

Even if this were never true, I just pretend it is. In New York City you will eventually see extravagant people, beautiful girls who seem to have their lives together. I just like to think that they worked hard for what they have and if I do I will one day have nice things too.

There are moments or periods of days or weeks where I can focus on what I don’t have but when I begin to focus on what I have and was given I then begin to feel better and feel like I break the chains of depression. It’s been almost a year since I’ve had a bout of depression and it’s because of my new mentality.

When I imagine that the skinny, pretty, well dressed, and I could go on, women or men, had to work really hard for what they have I motivate myself to continue writing and meeting new people. I work out at least 4 to 5 days a week and try my hardest with Tru.Works every day.



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