Don’t You Want To Be Happy?

All day they stay alone in the room staring at the wall. They are void of feeling and void of happiness with no smiles and no laughter near them. Every day they choose to be alone and unhappy. They choose depression instead of giggles and have a complete focus on the bad in their life.
 No one can reach them, and no one can get through to them. You have tried every day to make them smile and to bring them some sort of happiness but today is another day of sorrow and then happiness in their life.

To the person who lays in bed, watches television or plays video games all day pretending to get things done, this article is for you.

No matter what you think you’re doing and no matter what someone says you never listen. You cannot hear the advice of others and you cannot see the pain you give everyone. You have become a burden to your friends, family and spouse.

You are completely selfish and lost touch with reality. Whatever it was that made you the way you are now was in the past and it’s time to move on. No one wants to hear the excuses anymore and nobody cares. Stop justifying your action. Stop blaming everyone else for your problems and decisions and take responsibility for your actions. Don’t you want to be happy?

Shouldn’t you want to enjoy life every day? Everyone has good days and their not so good days but it doesn’t give you a reason to stop producing in life. Your family and friends beg you to get up and start working again.

Your spouse begged you to get up and to smile again. They can’t take it anymore and soon they will depart (not because they don’t love you) and you will be left alone. There’s no point in taking this so far. Get over yourself and begin to choose to do great things.

Daddy God will restore the lost years that you gave up. All you have to do is ask. Apologize to the people you tried to bring down and do something for a change.

Get up and move before it’s too late.

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