Everyday I’m Hustlin’

When Life Gets Hard
©Viktor Hanacek 2016

Fellow hustlers, are you working hard today or hardly working? Did you get lazy and stop hustling? Did you drop your dreams and let go if your goals?

I’m here to tell you to keep hustling. Keep going for what you want? If you’re hustling your talent, keep practicing. If you’re hustling your art, keep singing and dancing. If you’re hustling your business, keep selling.

Don’t give up selling your talent or service. Don’t let go of your dreams. Even if you think you’re on top keep moving:

“Now that I’m on top everyone wants to bring me down. Everyone’s trying to tug at me and take my spot”

Justin Bieber

Did you let anyone take your spot? get up and take your spot back! Follow the masters of the world and learn from them:

“The greatest education in the world is watching the masters at work.”

Michael Jackson

If you feel that hard times are here remember to realize that it this will pass. Life can hit hard but it’s only for the moment and at that moment you have to choose whether to pick yourself back up or lay in the dirt.

“I like to use the hard times in the past to motivate me today.”

Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson

What is amazing is that everyone goes through something hard in life. Some people have been in the valley for years until the one day the decide to jump and climb to the top of their mountain. Until then, the valley becomes your home.

When you stay in the valley long enough you start to believe that the valley isn’t as bad as you thought it may be. Actually, now I think I can make this valley more comfortable and homey for myself to live in.

This person, with these thoughts, describes a person who gave up.

Are you in the valley? Have you kept yourself in this valley for way too long? Do you think living in this valley is good enough? Take time to answer those questions and decide for yourself if the valley is good enough for you or is it time to climb the mountain?

Yessenia Diaz has a background in graphic and web design but is also intrigued by writing and teaching. Yessenia created Tru.Works as an outlet for all her talents and continues collecting stories from around the world to share with people all across the interweb. Follow Yessenia on Instagram and her favorite, Twitter, @ythegreatdiaz.

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