Fasting: What is it?

The other day I was talking about fasting with someone and they had no idea what that meant. I was utterly confused that the term, fasting, was never  brought up to this person at all in their life which is great because I took that as an opportunity to teach (which I love to do) about fasting.

Fasting: What is it?
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Fasting can be done for 2 reasons. You can either fast for health reasons, either to lose weight or settle your stomach, or you can fast as a religious act. Below, both reasons will be further explained.

Fasting for Health

You may have eaten way too much at Thanksgiving or at a party and may feel a little gross about it. So some people take the opportunity to fast a meal, or skip a meal. This can help you shave off some calories and help you keep your weight maintained. You never want to exaggerate and should research more information before you begin a large fast. Most people start out small and then enter into the realm of weekly fasts or longer.

Fasting for Spiritual Growth

Fasting doesn’t necessarily have to deal with food but you can also fast social media, video games, books. To help you comprehend this better you have to think of this in a spiritual matter. Sometimes in your daily routine you may have started noticing you’ve been on your phone a lot or watching Netflix obsessively and ignoring the Word. As a Believer you know that your daily purpose is to stay enveloped in the Word or the Bible.

As a Believer when we choose to fast something that has our focus off from Daddy God it is to regain our relationship with Christ (and God). It’s not a health choice, although your body does benefit from it.

Fasting for Your Life

Fasting is a choice that comes when you feel you need it. It’s not something you have to do to get skinny and you shouldn’t feel forced to fast for God. If you choose to fast we suggest reading more health benefits and how to correctly fast for your specific body type. If you want to do a spiritual fast you will be led by the Spirit in which fast you shall take.

If you have never felt like you needed to fast then by all means don’t fast anything at all. It is a Spirit led action that you will know you need to do when the time comes.

More information can be found on: Fasting for Beginners by David Mathis


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  1. Anita High
    November 13, 2015

    I have fasted for both reasons and enjoy reading about it and seeing it being kept a part of the Christian faith! Thank you!


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