Get More Involved With Each Other

Some men won’t let their women go near the checkbooks or log into bank accounts. There are relationships where anything that happened before the person they’re with now met is not spoken about at all. It’s not anyone’s business but their own. That alone stops many relationships from becoming more intimate with each other.

Get More Involved With Each Other
©Ryan McGuire 2015

What is there to hide? Is the person you’re with going to judge you? What’s up with you? To truly be intimate with each other there should be nothing you can hide from each other. Your phones are up for grabs, the bank accounts are united and your past should be more of a reason your spouse loves you.

I’ll use myself as testimony. Before I met my husband I was a wild child and rebellious. Many people go through this stage in life. We actually met while I was in this stage. Over the years we got to know each other as friends and finally we dated. I’ve dated the wrong men, believed the wrong things, made stupid decisions and he was there for them all. We’ve been together 6 years and hold nothing back from each other.

You see, my husband is my best friend and if I ever hid anything from him it would be considered my little secret. Something that is mine only that he will never know of. This secret separates us. Today, it may be a little bit of separation but eventually the gap will grow. That’s where you see your husband missing or your wife accruing debt while you’re working.

Gaps in relationships separate couples when we need, more than ever, a closeness so deep  that it’s unbreakable. You should be best friends. The first step to becoming best friends and having a more intimate relationship with your spouse is admitting to each other everything you’re hiding. It can fit in the category of sex, finances, work or family. Whatever it may be spill it or eventually you’ll both blow.

Involve yourself with your spouse daily. Talk to each other about everything. That includes sex, family, money and goals. Don’t hide a single thing from each other. Get closer.

Having an intimate relationship makes everything you both are striving for more unique because you both were involved in making each others dreams come true.

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