How to Get a Girl to Like You

For ages 35 and below!

Staring that girl down won’t get her to like you kid. No matter how much you look she doesn’t speak your language. She speaks female and you my friend are male. Luckily for you I can take you into the female mind so that you can get this woman to look at you.

How to Get a Girl to Like You
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These tips are not for a guy that’s looking to hit it and quit. This is for a serious relationship. If you use these for the wrong reason that is manipulation and that’s evil, and now tips:


You have to introduce yourself into her life someway and it’s easier than you think. You can sit down at lunch with her, have your sister befriend her (that’s what happened to me) or hang out after school. If she does track meet her at the field, if she’s at her locker that’s where you introduce yourself. Get noticed by her and befriend her, shortly she will start to take notice of you.


One of the needs of a woman is communication and so you must talk to this lady whenever you have the opportunity to so that she can connect with you. Also as important as talking with this girl is listening to her. Take a genuinely interest in her goals and boundaries. If we talk about problems at home woman don’t need advice unless we ask for it we just want to be heard.


Soon enough you’ll learn her standards or boundaries. She’ll share her standards on marriage, sex, family, relationships, work, education and you’ll be able to understand the kind of woman you have. If these standards are to high for you, move on. Don’t even consider trying to convince her to bring her standards down because you will convince her to change who she is.

Respect her boundaries and that is the biggest action of appreciation you can do for a woman. When you respect her boundaries you translate back to her that you care for her more than a regular dude will.

You’re obviously not a regular dude and a special man like you needs and spectacular woman and that takes time. It took my husband and I almost 2 years before we started dating but he knew my standards were high and I knew his standards matched mine. We laughed and shared memories and time together and fell in love. He was stuck in the friend zone for 2 years and never gave up and married his wife, the mother of his children and best friend due to his perseverance. I thank him for that, because I would be with an idiot if it wasn’t for him.

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  1. Dave Harvey
    October 26, 2015

    Thank you for this awesome article Yessenia, it was very informative. I’m almost 26 and waiting for the day the Lord brings me and my soulmate together. I have never dated or had a girlfriend in my life. Thinking about it always brought confusion and fear on how I would even start. This helps a lot for the future.


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