How to Get Married

How to Get Married 101
You can see it everywhere on Facebook. People are constantly complaining that no one wants to commit to them in a relationship. Today, people are cheating on each other and leaving each other for more attractive people. They have no more standard for what they want in a relationship anymore.

Sometimes you stare at couples or listen to their stories and wonder why am I not married? It’s easy to get sex now from anyone but where is the love? Does this even exist anymore?

Most of the complaining is coming from the ladies of Facebook but of course, there are men out there that are tired of the one night stands and the relationships that last less than a year as much as women are.

They start comparing themselves to people who are married and wonder how they did it. How did they find that person? Why can’t I get married?

There’s one thing you have to do and only one thing. Once you do that thing then you’ll see that it can happen. It is possible. That one thing is setting that standard.

By setting that standard I mean not being afraid to get married. Knowing that marriage isn’t about you but it’s about the other person. It’s understanding that if you want to be married you need to act like you do, speak like you do and ask for marriage. You must become a wife or husband to get married.

You may be lost, and this skill comes easier to some more than others but at Tru.Works we can teach you. We do know that God made people who will not and don’t want to be married. Figure that out first but surely if you want to get married you’re meant to be and you need to be taught how to get married.

The secret to getting married is to become a wife or husband before you do. In the next few articles, you will understand how to capture the love of your life. Almost everyone wants to be married and have children but through generations, people forgot how to do that. At Tru.Works we don’t want you to waste any more time we want you to find your love and we want you to find them now!

Yessenia Diaz has a background in graphic and web design but is also intrigued by writing and teaching. Yessenia created Tru.Works as an outlet for all her talents and continues collecting stories from around the world to share with people all across the interweb. Follow Yessenia on Instagram and her favorite, Twitter, @ythegreatdiaz.

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