How to Keep Going 

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There are those days where you wake up and feel like you have no more purpose. You thought you were headed in the right direction but it feels like there’s a giant door blocking any progress.

Interview after interview, diagnosis after diagnosis, argument after argument. When is it all going to turn around?

Humans are always trying to figure out when life will get better. How and when will everything pull a 360 and be alright? Sometimes we bargain with God and plead with him that if He just got us this job then we will be happy or have more faith. I know I do.

You’re not alone fellow human. What sucks about us is we just forget that it’s not our problem anymore. It’s not out problem what we are going to eat tomorrow, where we will live or where the money is going to come from. That’s God’s problem now.

When we gave our life up through Jesus we really gave up our life. Our life is not our own. We can live trying to make the best decisions but in the end, God has a specific purpose for you and we all just have to give it up.

That’s easy to say but how do you give up everything? I still want to go to Japan and still want to get married and have children. I still want to skydive and rock climb. How do I give this up?

Silly, God gives you all those things. You shoot for those things every day. You give up trying to get to that by your own endeavor. For example, if you’ve applied for a job and had an interview and were promised contact your purpose is to pray and trust God will make the best decision for you. If you feel that you should send a third email then do it. If you don’t feel that way then wait. Don’t go crazy over this. It’s God’s choice if you get that job or not. You should be happy about that because it relieves stress. Stress comes from a lack of trust in God.

If two weeks from now you want to buy tickets to see Paramore. Go for it! If the concert gets canceled don’t worry about. Do whatever you want through Christ. Just trust that God will fulfill his ultimate plan with you. He will. He always does.

Follow your dreams, God gave you those dreams.

Yessenia Diaz has a background in graphic and web design but is also intrigued by writing and teaching. Yessenia created Tru.Works as an outlet for all her talents and continues collecting stories from around the world to share with people all across the interweb. Follow Yessenia on Instagram and her favorite, Twitter, @ythegreatdiaz.

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