How to Say Goodbye

Goodbyes are moments that we avoid talking about. We avoid bringing up goodbyes and pretend goodbyes are not headed our way. Goodbyes can happen with people, pets or objects. You can lose a stuffed animal in the park. You may need to move and say goodbye to your dog. Eventually, everyone has to say goodbye to a family member or friend. Goodbyes are a part of life.

How to Say Goodbye
©Ryan McGuire 2015

It sucks to say goodbye. When you know you will never see the person you love again it drags. It drags on everyday until that moment comes. The tears roll down your cheeks and the emotions leave your mouth without thinking of what you’re going to say. The hugs and kisses are long and sweet.

The pain may never go away but it is possible to mend. When you know a goodbye is due soon it’s good to trick your mind into thinking more positive. The mind is a powerful weapon and you have the ability to control it. Control your mind by speaking out words of peace and encouragement.

What I means is begin telling yourself “I’ll see them next week”. Especially if you feel you won’t see them for a year. Repeat it to yourself every moment you feel like bursting out in tears. Repetition is what will change your mind. You learn to believe what you say. You may think you’re lying but it’s not a lie. Think of it as a new way to cope with your feelings.

When you believe you will see what you may lose sooner than you think you begin to make moves to visit them. It brings hope to the hurt in your life. Why would you want to live with the pain when you can believe that good will come.

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