How We Treat People Matters

How We Treat People Matters
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Every person we meet is a person who has a soul, spirit, and conscience. Everyone you meet is human and how you treat them can affect the rest of their lives in a great way or negative way.

We can all recall a person that has made you feel great. They’re welcoming, encouraging, helpful and genuinely nice. They’ve never started drama, and you can find yourself possibly checking up on that person to make sure they’re the same.

On the other hand, we’ve all met people that have bullied us, made us question their integrity or have pissed us off. They’ve made us question humanity and have angered us and kept us from ever looking for them and helping them ever.

Which of these two people do you want to be?

A mature person doesn’t take out their problems with people who they don’t know. A mature person doesn’t make their problems someone else’s problems.

If you’re late to work it’s not everyone else’s fault, it’s your own fault. This doesn’t give you the right to beep at people in traffic, cut people off while walking through Times Square or yelling at people to walk faster.

It’s time to become responsible for your attitude and actions.

You’re more in control of your life than you think.

If you were to get rear ended today everyone would assume that the person behind you is at fault but let’s look at things differently and consider that you may have never been rear-ended if you would’ve left your house earlier or taken a different route to work.

You’re more in control of your life than you think.

If you have a bad attitude and have found that you get into many altercations with people because of it, is it smart to blame everyone else and not yourself? A mature person would take a look inward and give themselves a check.

  • How do I handle criticism?
  • Do I make my problems someone else’s responsibility?
  • Do I apologize?
  • Do I smile?
  • Do people stay away from me?
  • Am I easily offended?

I want to remind you that positive energy attracts positive energy while the same goes for negative energy. If you live your life every day as a sourpuss you’ll attract people just like you.

Let me ask you something? Can you handle criticism? If I were to tell you that you need to fix your attitude would you, in turn, accept the criticism and reflect on it in your own time would you blame that everyone you talk to is an idiot that provokes you to give out a bad attitude?

I challenge you to give others the benefit of the doubt and instead of projecting bad energy back toward someone who gives you attitude to walk away or ignore them instead. Why must we get even with people?

When you are late to work would you let all hell break loose for any person that got in the way of you and work? The morning traffic jams and the people who are on time will all end up being barriers for you instead of just being your everyday morning. It’s time to take responsibility for yourself and wake up and sleep earlier.

Are you an apologetic person or do you find yourself relentless in justifying your actions and unwilling to apologize for your mistakes? It’s time to grow up and admit when you’re wrong. Many people who won’t apologize for the life of them are keeping a giant scorecard in their heads. They have to be right. Is that you?

If you’re the one to keep a scorecard in your head it’ll be hard for you to thrive any relationship because when you hurt someone or make mistakes you’ll see that you won’t ever give up your pride and put the other person’s needs or feelings before yours.

Do you smile anymore? Do you wake up every day happy to get up and live your life happily? If that’s not the case it’s time to look at your life and change it. It’s time to do something about your life and quit blaming everyone else for your unhappiness.

Your unhappiness leaks out of you and people can smell it. People with negative and life-sucking personalities are usually ignored and not dealt with. The reason for that is because no matter what people do to get you out of your rut you don’t want to change. Until you want to and take action toward a positive change to your life, no one will help you. I know I won’t. This is why people stay away from you.

My last, how we treat people point I want to discuss is the people who get easily offended. These people will treat others like crap. Any opinion different than their own will be considered wrong and they’re not afraid to tell you.

These kind of people are people that other people won’t feel to be honest about or share their personal opinions too. Rather quickly, easily offended people will tell you off and give their own two cents about a topic where you may not have wanted their opinion in the first place.

If you have any of these traits I’ve spoken about you are considered a huge turn off in society. The crazy thing is I left highly sarcastic people out of the article but they too can be people that annoy others.

Where I’m getting with this isn’t that you’re not loved. It’s the fact that people want to be around positive people. It’s just the way it is.

It’s not only about other people it’s also about you. Do you want to live like this every day? If that’s okay with you then so be it, live your life this way.

As for anyone who may have realized they have things to work on, it takes time and practice. I’ll tell you that what helps is surrounding yourself and listening to empowering messages from people who are successful like Grant Cardone, Chalene Johnson, Steve Harver, Kevin Hart, and Joesph Prince.

These are a few people on my list of people who help empower me to do more and help people. Sometimes people need tough love and I hope this is how this article has come across but I’m more than willing to steer people into the right direction!

How you treat people can affect how people treat you.

Yessenia Diaz has a background in graphic and web design but is also intrigued by writing and teaching. Yessenia created Tru.Works as an outlet for all her talents and continues collecting stories from around the world to share with people all across the interweb. Follow Yessenia on Instagram and her favorite, Twitter, @ythegreatdiaz.

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