Husband Injured at Work- What’s a Wife to Do

Husband Injured at Work- What’s a Wife to Do

My husband is injured for the first time in our marriage I didn’t know what to do.

Just recently my husband went overboard at work. Working for a major basketball dance team is a pretty big deal this year. Especially the way this season is going to begin being injured during this time is heartbreaking for him. My husband is a professional dancer and dancing is his life. It just so happened that my husband was injured at work doing th emost unlikely thing.

My husband injured was injured at work was injured holding someone up with his knee. His knee was in so much pain that it caused him to be unable to walk.

I had to step up and take care of him

I’m a decent wife. I take care of my husband as best as I can and we both share responsibilities evenly. When one of us can’t fulfill our duties the other one will take care of it for their partner. We ahve a system. Our system works. Yet we’ve neer experienced an injury in our marriage let alone one where my husband is the one injured.

My husband’s knee was swollen. The more I looked at it the bigger and redder his knee looked. I couldn’t believe what I was looking at and that he even caused an injury to himself that was borderline detreimental to his career.

One more second on his knee and he could’ve been out of work for more than a week but by a few weeks to months.

Injuries effect his confidence

My husband is a strong person but when he can’t dance or work it kills him. This injury he obtained from work couuldn’t have been more heartbreaking to watch im go through. When he realized he was going to be out for a few days at minimum it crushed him. He cried, and cried hard which ws hard for me to watch but I knew then that it was my job to be storng for him.

I had to call out of work and tell myself that being a wife first was more important than work.


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