I am Scared to Follow My Dreams

Let’s get serious. Right now you’re at the crossroads. You are about to act on the biggest decision of your life and hope to Daddy God that it isn’t a mistake.

This is the biggest move you will ever make. If you fail, not only will it be embarrassing but it would feel like the biggest disappointment in your life. Today you are respecting Daddy God’s wishes and going to make your dreams come true. Or at least head toward them.

Some of you want to be actors, dancers, musicians, philanthropists, models, wrestlers, UFC champions and more. Some of you dream of the days you can be a well-known artist, ballerina, mother or father, athlete or scientist. It takes a bold move to start your dream.

School may be your next step in life. You may need to move to Seattle or drop a bunch of friends. You may have to completely trust someone and marry them. All these things can completely scare the poop out of you. Can you imagine if you marry this man and it doesn’t work out. What if you move to New York City and never find an apartment. What if school is too hard or expensive?

My friends, never doubt your dreams. Daddy God placed these dreams inside of you from the beginning of  time and it’s our duty to follow them. Unfortunately there are people with a fear or lack of knowledge so strong that they never make their moves. It is said that graveyards are where you can find the cures for diseases that were never discovered. You can find the music that was never written and you will find the books that were never written.

It’s easy to live a safe life and work a 40 hour salary job and raise your family. Can you really live everyday knowing that you were supposed to be a professional basketball player? Can you live everyday knowing you were supposed to form a crew and audition for ABDC?

Keep in mind that the people you see on the big screen each had to sacrifice something. Each had to work and make decisions. Kim Kardashian was Paris Hilton’s assistant. Michael Jordon practiced everyday shooting hoops. Bboy Cloud dances everyday for hours. Some of these people took 10 years to get famous or to become professionals at what they do.

Don’t ever underestimate what Daddy God has given you. Go for it. If all else fails you can live a comfortable life. Don’t make that your goal. Follow your dreams instead.

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