I Am Still Angry 😡

We’ve written a couple articles on anger already and if nothing has gotten through your skull then maybe this will help. 

This list is for the super angry and that need to be spoken to a little rougher. 

Get Over It

The emotionally strong take less time to be angry. They don’t stay offended or upset they move on. Nothing stops them from doing what they need to do. 

No one can help you and your anger. Your mom can’t, your boyfriend can’t, God can’t. That’s your choice. 

Let it go. It’s pointless. 

Acknowledge it’s in the Past

Look, God gives people enough grace for today and not tomorrow. If you’re still angry for what happened yesterday or last week that’s sad. Why would you do that? God doesn’t. So change it. 

Not Enough Time Passed

You can be angry because ofnsomething that happened recently and you may need lore time to move on but to be angry everyday is pointless. The person your mad at doesn’t remember what he or she did so why do you? Who cares who’s right or wrong?

Angry at Yourself

Did you maybe stop and think that you’re angry at yourself? You made mistakes or keep messing up. You keep beating yourself up and now it’s to the point you have been angry at yourself for months. Tell someone you trust your mistakes. Someone who won’t judge you. Until then you’ll be stuck in this circle. LET IT OUT!

Why don’t you want to be happy? I won’t be surprised if this article got you angrier but I hope you realize you have an anger problem. Tell someone why you’re angry. 

Remember, everyone makes mistakes. Forgive yourself and the other person. Enjoy life, don’t stay angry. 

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