I Am Thankful For… Thanksgiving Thoughts

Thanksgiving is today and most likely you are spending time with family and friends or some of you may choose to spend the day alone. However you celebrate Thanksgiving is a day where you can remind yourself of the great things Daddy God has brought to you in your life.

It’s easy to remember the new car, money and a place to live. What about remembering your safety or health? You may not know it but everyday Daddy God protected you from people who are against you.

I Am Thankful For... Thanksgiving Thoughts
©Ryan McGuire 2015

Everyday this year Daddy God gave you health and kept you alive for His purpose. Many people reflect on what Daddy God has done for them and what He is doing everyday.

Have you ever felt thankful toward someone and wanted to pay them back?

How do you pay Daddy God back?

It’s human nature to pay back someone for a good deed. Some people receive a gift from a friend and feel they need to give them a gift too. The grace of God cannot be matched by anyone. It’s a free gift that you get through Christ.

Because it’s unable to be paid back some people try to do good deeds or be a good person but that’s not enough payment for Daddy God’s grace.

The only thing you can do is follow your purpose. When you reflect today ask yourself, “Am I following my purpose?”

If Daddy God asked you to go to school for animal behavior, do it. If He asked you to give your sister a hug, do it. If He asked you to rest, do it.

If you mess up, don’t worry. You are forgiven. Eat up and enjoy your meal. Reflect on your life.

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