I’m Always Angry

So everyone’s having fun and you’re angry. You’re angry from this morning. Your man said something stupid and kept bothering you. Your mom may have said something or your kids broke your favorite game. You’re just angry.

I'm Always Angry
©Ryan McGuire 2015

Well, sorry to break it to you but being angry is your problem. You have a choice on how you want to react to something. Choosing to be angry is a waste when you can move on or let it go. There’s no point to talk out things if you’re angry. Calm down, it’s not the end of the world.

When you’re angry you can’t focus on anything but your anger. You dwell on the issue which makes you angrier. How can you get things done with your mind cluttered with anger?

Before you know it, a day has passed or a weekend has gone by or even sadly years with an anger where that energy could have been used to make money or making memories with your children or wife.

Breath and take a step back. Don’t talk when you’re angry. Instead, make the choice today to breathe first and let go. Remember that through Christ you can do anything and anger doesn’t have a hold on you. Recognize that you get angry and declare that you receive the calmness of the spirit of Jesus.

Every day you must repeat to yourself that you are amazing or that you are awesome. When you speak this new thing into your life you begin believing it and eventually acting like the person you want to be.

Take time to do this every day and see the change in you.

Yessenia Diaz has a background in graphic and web design but is also intrigued by writing and teaching. Yessenia created Tru.Works as an outlet for all her talents and continues collecting stories from around the world to share with people all across the interweb. Follow Yessenia on Instagram and her favorite, Twitter, @ythegreatdiaz.

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