Kevin Hart, What Now?

Kevin Hart, What Now?
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“What Now?” a self-funded comedy movie by Kevin Hart whose goal was to have you laugh uncontrollably but inspire his audience to follow your heart and never settle for less than what you hope for.

“What Now?” was a comedy tour by Kevin Hart that he had recorded live in various cities. Hart performed in cities like London, Sydney, and even Singapore for his fans all while collecting footage around the globe. The footage he desired most were the laughter and reaction scenes from his show in his hometown of Philadelphia, PA where on August 30, 2015, he sold out the Lincoln Financial Field. On that day Kevin Hart performed for 50,000 people.

Kevin Hart is now known to not only be one of todays funniest and most successful entertainer, comedian, and now an actor with movies like “Ride Along”, “Secret Life of Pets”, and his comedy movies like “Let Me Explain” and “Grown Little Man”, Hart has much rapport in comedy writing, acting, and production.

Before Kevin’s official theater release of “What Now?”, he had 3 special fan theater viewings in 3 major cities, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., and New York City. Luckily, I was able to attend the special screening in New York City where Hart came out and introduced his movie himself. Hart not only said his hellos but shared his reasoning behind “What Now?”.

Hart was a young man who comes from afar and defeated doubt in anyone who had did not believe he could be successful coming from a poor family in Philadelphia. Hart’s whole goal with What Now? is to not only make many people globally laugh but to inspire others to do what he has done. “What Now?” was described by Hart as his baby. A project that he had no one able to fund and so he funded himself. Like Hart loves to do, Hart had an opening sequence in which he hilariously played himself as an agent alongside Halle Berry.

Hart had other notable actors and comedians play parts in his opening like Ed Helms, who is known for his role as Stu in the Hangover Trilogy, and Don Cheadle who is known as War Machine in the Iron Man trilogy. These actors all end up meeting up at a bar to steal money from Victor (David Meunier). Kevin’s mission had to be completed before his Philadelphia Show at the Lincoln Financial Field in which he almost missed due to Kevin having to kill off and defeat his enemies while Halle Berry watched him fight them off.

The opening sequence is exciting to watch because it makes fun of spy and secret agent movies and gets you reintroduced to Kevin Hart’s silliness. It’s after Kevin changes his clothes and has his final words before his show with Halle Berry where he launches himself onto the stage and faces his crowd to begin his show.

Like his past shows Kevin loves to speak and share comedic moments about his life and what has happened to him recently. At that point of Kevin’s life he had just gotten engaged t Eniko Parish, who today is now his wife, and so now has new stories to tell about his new life. In Kevin’s past shows he’s talked about his family members and so it’s familiar territory that Kevin would share about his new life with his audience.

True Kevin Hart fans have memorized Hart’s past jokes and to this day use them in everyday banter with one another and so when watching “What Now?” we’re not only looking to laugh but looking for new material to use in our everyday lives. Harts jokes range from his new living situation t his awkward situations he’s put himself in which are relatable and unfortunately funny.

Kevin’s bit about his fear and battle of a raccoon who torments him at night was unexpected even though Hart fans know Kevin does not do well with animals. This raccoon, Kevin explains, has humanlike characteristics in which he seems to be looking for Kevin every night and tries to enter Kevin’s home. As the show progresses Kevin retells his battle with this raccoon several times but slowly reveals that in fear he may have exaggerated what this raccoon is really like.

Another bit that Kevin shares with his crowd is how he doesn’t understand why women, especially his fiance, ask questions that cannot be feasible in real life. One question his fiance asked Kevin had to do with a private boating trip they had in the ocean where Eniko (Kevin’s fiance) asks Kevin what he would do if she fell in the water and a shark attacked her while they were alone in the middle of the ocean. She explained her ideal scenario in which the shark bit off two of her limbs but she was still able to make it back to the boat to face Kevin.

Kevin then shared with his crowd, that he would throw her back in the ocean because if he understood Eniko’s scenario correctly, she would be highly disfigured and he didn’t want to deal with that for the rest of his life. Kevin then let his audience know that being that Eniko explained they were alone he would have thrown her back in the water and would’ve blamed her disappearance on a shark attack.

Without spoiling What Now? I’m glad to share that I was worried Kevin may have lost his funny streak but I was wrong. I laughed so hard in the beginning of “What Now?” that after thirty minutes of laughter I had to try not to laugh to stop the pain in my ab muscles. What Now? will not be a disappointment to Kevin Hart fans and people who will find this to be their first Kevin Hart experience.

One of the most impactful things that can be taken from Kevin’s words before he left his New York City theater audience was that he was constantly battling with people who asked him what he was going to do now after he sold Madison Square Garden out twice. He explained that he was always brought the question of, “What now?”, and “What now Kevin?”

Kevin Hart explained that his answer to this, “What Now?” question was anything. He’ll sell out anywhere, create new content, and make history for himself. Kevin Hart clearly headed in that direction with “What Now?” and his answer also gives hope to Kevin Hart fans that there is more to expect from Hart in the near future.

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