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McDonald’s has entered into the web series world of YouTube with its launch of What’s Cooking Across America at McDonald’s?

McDonald’s has a long history with Americans that spans over 75 years. Today McDonald’s restaurants can be found from California to Tokyo with different menu items depending on which of the 119 countries you find your McDonald’s at.

McDonald’s is known to keep up with the times with the innovations of the drive-thru, order taking with headsets, and even today where you can order food on touch screens and wait for it like everyone else. It’s not surprising that this historic restaurant chain has now created its own web series.

Not only is McDonald’s a long-standing restaurant name in America but it’s a giant employer. It’s been said that 1 in 8 Americans has been employed at McDonald’s and that means that many Americans can vouch for the way McDonald’s creates its food and its company standards.

The culture McDonald’s has created has led it to begin a web series on YouTube called “What’s Cooking in America at McDonald’s” where its first episode discusses the creation of the Egg McMuffin.

In the first episode, “Cracking the Secret of the Egg McMuffin” we are put into the kitchen of a McDonald’s in Santa Barbara, California (the birthplace of the Egg McMuffin) for about a minute long with Chef Dan and the franchisee owner David Peterson, who’s father, Herb Petersen, invented the classic egg sandwich in 1972.

David and Dan teach us about the history of the Egg McMuffin, and the whole idea behind the round egg McDonald’s uses worldwide for many of their breakfast sandwiches.

McDonald’s kitchens and food have found itself to be trustworthy delicious to many with some bad press from time to time but today McDonald’s still serve up to 68 million people every day. In the years that have passed McDonald’s has found itself under scrutiny for its food and its kitchens recently. To be more specific its food practices has been questioned and consumers want more clean food that is still affordable but reputable.

We’ve seen the videos where people find strange objects in their food or studies where McDoanld’s may use cheap and questionable meat for its burgers and this damage has hurt McDonald’s rapport somewhat over the past 20 years.

Check Out the First Episode Here!

With the new web series, its seems as if McDonald’s will redeem itself and its brand by reconnecting with McDonald’s customers over YouTube and giving an insider look into its food, its processes, and history.

Firsthand, watching the first episode, “Cracking the Secret of the Egg McMuffin” gave me a warm feeling and a better understanding of the Egg McMuffin, and had me feel okay with eating McDonald’s breakfast sandwiches again. It’s rare seeing actual corporate employees placing their boots on the ground or in an actual McDonald’s kitchen.

With each episode that gets uploaded we will see a focus on McDonald’s food, the changes McDonald’s has made to its restaurants and the reaction they had toward consumers concern over the artificial preservatives in McDonald’s chicken nuggets (which they’ve recently removed) and its current transition to cage-free eggs.

We can verify this information by what a McDonald’s spokesperson told Fortune, “Through this video series, we will showcase our commitment to our food philosophy, Simpler is Better.” The spokesperson also stated that “We’ll also spotlight all the recent changes we have made over the last 18 months that show we are making exchanges in line with the needs and expectations of today’s consumers”.

Looking forward into the series, we will learn about McDonald’s food, restaurants and history throughout YouTube via minute long episodes of its web series. This is truly a new form of marketing that McDonald’s is now utilizing which is exactly what McDonald’s should be doing as a leader in advertising and marketing.

Until the next episode, we can be satisfied understanding that our egg in our Egg McMuffin are made from actual eggs from a real person 70 years ago and is still implemented today.

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