Moltissimo with Mario Batali Series Launch

Moltissimo with Mario Batali Series Launch
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Mario Batali, one of the most recognized and beloved chefs around the world, has teamed up with Munchies, a new food channel from VICE, to create a new web series, Moltissimo.

In the past, Batali has hosted cooking shows from 1997 to this day with many accolades and awards to show for his pure talent in the kitchen. With restaurants throughout the United States like his most recent project, Eataly which has restaurants in New York City and Chicago, Babbo Pizzeria, Del Posto, and more famous eateries, we know that Batali not only has the skills to teach viewers about Italian cuisine in the kitchen but he will be enjoyable to watch.

In Moltissimo, we will get a new Batali in which he will host celebrities in Munchies’ kitchen and prepare a meal for them while having fun and drinking the night away. We will not only see his skills in fine dining experiences but we will learn how he will utilize the ingredients he uses from Vice’s Brooklyn office rooftop garden to create exquisite meals for his guests.

Vice, is a digital media company that also prints its own magazines but is also the owner of multiple channels that includes Munchies. Vice is known for its edgy shows and up to date news of entertainment and culture and with Batali joining the mix we will surely have an exciting experience.

We can expect that Moltissimo with Mario Batali will have an edgier feel from his other cooking shows because of Vice’s reputation of creating rule-breaking digital media but it also seems as if Batali just wants to simply just cook. Batali had shared with The Hollywood Reporter that, “I don’t want to travel around the world like Action Bronson. I don’t want to be the crazy Canadian guy. What people liked about my original show is that I cooked.”

Batali wants to share his technique and skills with viewers around the internet and have his guests leave the table satisfied, full and happy. Batali’s goal will be to educate his audience while having some laughter in the kitchen over wine and snacks but at the end of the day his main goal is to cook and cook well as Batali has always done.

The first episode of Moltissimo airs on October 4th, and for now we only have a sneak peek trailer to base this review off of.  One big difference Moltissimo will have compared to any past cooking shows Batali has hosted is that we will be meeting our guests in Brooklyn instead of Manhattan. When it comes to New York City, Batali’s restaurants happen to be focused in Manhattan but in Moltissimo, Batali will step into Brooklyn and take over the test kitchen of Vice’s Munchies office in a new neighborhood and culture.

In the first season we will have seven 20-minute episodes and from the trailer uploaded to YouTube, we can see how much fun Batali has in the kitchen with his guests and how he not only jokes around with them but he shows them his technique and leaves us with a wink and smile until the first episode airs.


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