My Husband Cannot Focus

©Ryan McGuire 2015
©Ryan McGuire 2015

I don’t know what it is but I don’t understand my husband. I can have goals and accomplish them and feel organized and when I compare myself to him. He is usually more free and has less goals than I do. He can go through his day knowing what he needs to do but chooses other things to do that, in my opinion, are pointless and he’s okay with it.

I feel like this is too stressful. It feels like the whole world is on my shoulders and my husband is on top of the world while I’m carrying it. What can we do?

It’s really simple. Talk about it. A man likes to be sat down and looked in the eyes. Address him seriously and respectfully. “Honey, I can’t hold this in anymore. I feel like you’re not focused on our goals or you don’t set enough goals.”

If this throws him off and he gets offended, give him a break. Come back to it later. Love is patient. When you do have his attention then let him know you’re going to start pushing him to accomplish more goals.

You can set a goal a day an increase it. Always speak to him kindly if you see he could be slacking. “Honey, can you be doing something else?” is way better than asking him what he’s doing all the time. Remember to stay respectful and love him.


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