My Husband is Dirty 😖😤

Some men are super clean. So clean, they make some women feel dirty. Then there’s the men that are dirty and what’s worse is they want to have sex with you without freshening up. Yes, unfortunately there are some women that can say, “My husband is dirty”.

What can you do to get your man to clean up!?

It’s simple really. Tell your husband in a calm voice that he needs to clean up. If you can’t be calm or awkward, WAIT. Keep telling him this over and over without nagging until it’s in his head. Eventually he’ll be annoyed of it and ignore it or change his habit.

If he doesn’t change you’ve implanted the seed in his mind already. Don’t have sex with him for this time. However much time you need depends on how long your husband can last without having sex.

There’s one ultimate trick you use after time has passed and you tell him, “I can’t have sex with you until you clean up”. However clean you want him to be you explain to him EXACTLY what you want. “I want you to freshen up before sex” or “I want you to freshen up overall”. Take your pick but be specific.

Once be realizes sex is on the line he’ll change. He loves you and wants to make you happy. Of course this won’t change over night so keep reminding him.

Remember to not nag and don’t approach your husband in a way that hurts his feelings. Men are sensitive beings too.

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