NARS Luminous Foundation Review

NARS Luminous Foundation Review
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If only there were many different foundations available compared to how many skin types and colors there actually are. Because it’s impossible for a makeup brand to do so we find that we need to find the closest skin color match and the right foundation consistency for our skin.

Now, since this review is based on my personal experience I will admit that I had recently suffered an acne crisis when usually I have clear skin. I also naturally have dry skin that I have to moisturize before I apply any foundation or concealer to my skin.

With that being shared I needed a new foundation. A foundation that covered my acne scars, and gave me a glow back to my face. I was tired of looking at my face, yes I believe I’m beautiful, but I knew that I looked tired and my skin was dull lately.

This is the problem that the NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation solves for my skin. I have gone through many foundations but this foundation has helped me feel like I’m normal again while my skin heals. After 3 weeks of using this foundation every day, my skin has cleared more, that could be from the foundation itself since they claim that your face will clear up within 4 weeks of use.

Many Skin Color Options

The NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation comes in twenty different skin colors. Some foundations can range from ten to fifteen skin color options but NARS has created twenty! I ended up being stromboli which NARS describes as medium skin with olive undertones.

Yellow Undertone

Now, NARS claims to erase skin imperfections that most people would use a concealer for but this claim is what led me to pick this foundation in the first place. NARS solve the discoloration problem by giving more of a yellow color in each foundation which hides scars and gives life to your skin. That’s my favorite thing about this foundation.


When NARS states that their foundation will last sixteen hours you better believe they’re right. The only way this foundation will come off is by you taking it off yourself. You can even sleep with your makeup still applied and it will still be on your body. At least it did for me.

The foundation itself won’t come off in humidity either. It stays put and won’t move. It has wonderful coverage and all the redness on my cheeks disappears instantly.

Obviously, I am pro NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation and I don’t want to look for another foundation. I just want my face to keep clearing up and my skin to keep appearing lively and bright.

The only downside to this foundation is that until it sets you will feel like you have yellow skin and that your face and hand color won’t match. I find that after 30 minutes to an hour I feel like my skin matches the rest of my body. It makes me uncomfortable and self-conscious.

Now, I’ve already owned my foundation bottle for 3 weeks and I can tell my bottle has 2 more months of use left inside at minimum. I don’t need much foundation for full coverage and I feel that for $48 you get a lot of use and benefits from this foundation! If you’d like to purchase this foundation you can do so at Sephora’s website or visit their stores and match your skin tone with a more experienced makeup artist.

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