Nigerian Lifestyle Web Series Ejo in Yoruba Language

Nigerian Lifestyle Web Series Ejo in Yoruba Language
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Olufisayomi Olanrewaju and Oluwabibs Olurin host “Ejo”, a Nigerian hosted web series that discusses topics such as beauty, fashion, and more in English and Yoruba.

In the first episode of Ejo, which premiered on October 1st, we are introduced to our hosts, Olufisayomi Olanrewaju and Oluwabibs Olurin who have learned to speak English and speak Yoruba, their native tongue. Viewers may find themselves confused at first when they see both women discussing their topic of the episode, “Glamming Up”, in two languages.

Olanrewaju and Olurin are bilingual hosts who are Nigerian and explain that they want to host their web series in both languages. They explain further that they are both educated and throughout the episode, you can see that both Olanrewaju and Olurin have a fun chemistry together when discussing their topic of choice.

Olanrewaju and Olurin want to discuss why women get their makeup done. They wonder if it is at all necessary to do so and what is the big reason behind getting makeup done. Before they get into why they personally like makeup they discuss when they used to see their grandmothers do their makeup when they were younger.

Olurin brought up that her grandmother would use either a white powder or brown powder and even talcum powder to put on new faces. Olurin then brings us back to the present with how we now have foundation, eye makeup and contouring to do to our faces which bring them to joke about their fake eyelashes.

These two women are funny together and bring a warm welcome to their viewers with the way they speak about their topics of choice. Olanrewaju and Olurin not only realize that makeup has changed over the years but that the industry itself has grown and that many people today are employed by the makeup industry.

Olanrewaju and Olurin share examples of when makeup could be used  for such as for a wedding ceremony or other special events where you may even call a makeup artists to do your makeup for you. The whole reason behind this episode is their concern that some woman may be over doing it. They give an example at a time where they worked for their government where women get up at 3a.m. to be at drills at 4a.m. or 5 a.m. with a full face on of makeup only to sweat it off when drills began. They wonder how they were able to prepare their face that early.

Olanrewaju and Olurin then come to a realization that a lot of single women do so because they’re still in search for husbands. They have no idea where these men will come from and so they prepare themselves with a full face of makeup just in case they so happen to pop up that day, whether you’re at the beach, at the gym, or at drills.

Olanrewaju then states that even some men believe woman overdo the whole makeup thing. All over social media, we can find examples of people and men commenting on woman’s makeup when they feel they overdid it.

The question remains if there should be a balance with makeup and when is it okay to not use makeup. Not only that but woman are expected to take care of themselves and their physical beauty with such measures that Olurin brings up that men should do the same for themselves.

With the first episode of Ejo, we have come to learn that these two women are smart and great entertainers. They are themselves on camera and keep their background behind them simple so that viewers can focus on the words or subtitles we must read and listen to. In episode 2, Olanrewaju and Olurin discuss sugar daddy’s and we can only expect them both to be fun and exuberant when they discuss the topic of sugar daddy’s.

Ejo is enjoyable and you’ll find yourself wanting to watch the second episode right after you finish the first one. The chemistry between Olanrewaju and Olurin is comfortable and energetic which makes their topic choices interesting to watch. These two women will become your friends when you give them the chance to explain things to you in their own language where you can see them being more free in expressing their feelings. Get ready for serious some serious laughs when watching, “Ejo”.

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