No Means No 🙅

Have you ever felt like you couldn’t say no to someone. You ever feel like you’re unable to tell someone no? Ever feel like you do things you don’t really want to do? Let me guess, you’re probably a “yes” person.

No Means No 🙅
©Ryan McGuire 2015

It doesn’t matter what ask you to do for them or with them you will answer yes to it all! My friend, you may have been given everything you wanted as a child but no one has taught you how to say no and why it is important to know how to say no.

If you’re uncomfortable going somewhere, that’s The Father (or your gut) telling you not to go. Follow the voice in your head. If there’s someone bothering you to do something you don’t want to do practice saying no. Today, a lot of people struggle making their yes mean yes and their no mean no. Keep it black and white.

No means no and you have to follow through with it. The first time you let loose after you tell your friend no to a drink they won’t respect your no after that. They’ll keep pushing and pushing to get you to say yes. People that answer yes to anything are taken advantage of and are people pleasers.

Practice saying no to food first and follow through with it. Purchase cookies and don’t allow yourself to have any. Let them get stale. That’s how you practice the power of no. Eventually you’ll have the strength to say no in any situation!

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