Own Your Mistake and Apologize

We all make mistakes. Even so, some people will never apologize. Did you know that you can help these people by apologizing anyway?

©Ryan McGuire 2015
©Ryan McGuire 2015

People that can’t apologize are prideful. They don’t want to be weak but the strong are people who can own up to their mistakes. They humble themselves and apologize.

These people even apologize when they’re right. They lnow they’re right and the other person was wrong. What kind of person does this? What kind of person apologizes even though they’re right? It’s a rare quality to have but when you apologize to someone even though you know you are right they think they won.

Actually, they didn’t win. You just made them think they did. After a couple of hours or years they’ll realize they weren’t right. They can hold on to it forever or come back and apologize to you. Depending on the kind of person they are they’ll do one or the other.

So which person are you? Is there someone you owe an apology to or are you too prideful?

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