“Piper” by Pixar Review

Piper by Pixar
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With Finding Dory being able to be rented we now can watch Pixar’s short film, “Piper”, online about a young sandpiper who learns the ropes of sea life.

In “Piper”, a young sandpiper bird hatchling must learn from his mother that he is part f a large family of bird species that enjoy the shoreline and eat creatures from the sea. We meet the baby sandpiper bird and his mother after he has been hatched but at a time before he is taught how to find his own food.

It seems to be a normal day for the baby sandpiper until his mother leaves to hunt for food. She leaves her clumsy sandpiper to grab a meal and after she finds the meal for the sandpiper the baby sandpiper opens his mouth and waits for his mom to deliver his food to him. Very quickly he realizes that that part of his life is over and he must now step up to retrieve his own food.

The baby sandpiper trusts his mother and as quickly as he gets on his two feet he runs to his mom to learn about his meal and his new environment. And while he plays with the sand  he realizes that his family of sandpipers rushes to leave the shore because of the incoming wave about to hit the beach.

Mother sandpiper directs her baby sandpiper to leave the beach and while at first, he follows her direction he notices the bubbles on the sand and when he turns around he’s faced with the crest of the wave that he can either run from or take.

Suddenly, the baby sandpiper realizes that the hermit crabs begin to bury themselves underneath the sand to be protected from the wave. The baby sandpiper copies the hermit crab unlike what the status quo of sandpipers should d when a wave hits land.

It’s under the wave where the baby sandpiper opens his eyes and realizes that under the water there’s beauty and new things to discover. Accidentally, the baby sandpiper faces his fear and learns another way to retrieve food.

When you compare the life of the sandpiper to our human lives you can see that we both look to our caregiver for support and guidance in our identity and survival but we also find our individual way of doing things.

The life of this baby sandpiper is a window into the small gap of our human lives

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