Remember Our First Love

When we fall in love, we drop our whole life for the person we are now in love with. We stop playing video games and stay up on the phone all night long. You both aren’t even talking on the phone, it’s just nice to have you on the line so you’re not alone.

Remember Our First Love
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Remember that time he wanted watch an action movie and you only said yes to watching that movie because you were so in love. Otherwise, you would have chosen that one movie with Zac Efron.

See, at the beginning of a new relationship we give up a lot for the person you love. You also are so excited about the relationship you don’t shut up about it.

That includes when a man becomes a father for the first time. He’ll tell everyone about his new baby girl even if people have watched the videos and heard the stories.

In other words, you become devoted to this new relationship. Remember how in love you were when you met Jesus? You wanted to tell everyone about Him.

Losing the love we have for Jesus happens when we lose our devotion to him. I’m not talking about the 5 minutes we take to read a devotional out of a book. I’m talking about an intimate relationship with God where he’s not just God anymore. Instead, he’s Daddy God.

I want to say that you don’t have to beat yourself up. We’re all human and we’ve all chosen music in the morning over a Christian Podcast but that’s what repentance is for.

Repentance is not some crazy, holy thing you need to do. It basically means to change your mind. So instead of planning on speaking to God on Wednesday at 9p.m. Why not do it now?

See, when you’re doing laundry and your mind is flowing with ideas tell Daddy God about them. When you’re in the shower or walking to work from your car, talk to Daddy God.

Talk to Daddy God all the time and you will see that He won’t be God the Father or God the Almighty, but calling him Daddy or Dad. Retrieve your closeness with your Father.

It’s important to give up time for Dady God but it’s not something that you have to kill yourself for. Challenge yourself to bring back the excitement you had for Daddy God. Start with reading a scripture in the morning or listening to a worship song in the morning. Give your first hour to Him.

Your day will go so much smoother because your attitude will change because of the new schedule you set for yourself. Form a new habit for yourself. You need Daddy God in your life.

If you catch yourself slipping, repent. Change your mind and start again. Don’t beat yourself up.

This article was inspired by Carl Lentz.

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