Scared for the Next Step

Decisions are made everyday without thought such as the time you wake up, the shows you watch or the errands you do on a daily basis but we may not realize that these decisions lead us to bigger choices we make later in our lives. After all the meals we eat and movies we watch eventually things happen that you may not realize you chose to happen.

Scared for the Next Step
©Dave Meier 2015

Two years ago you chose not to pay your cell phone bill anymore and today you can’t get the new iPhone 6 plus today. Yesterday you chose to stay up an hour later and today you were late to class. You just never know what will come next.

The scary part about not knowing what is next is when you make big decisions like following dreams and moving to a big city or breaking up with someone. Choosing to marry someone is a big deal too. What makes big decisions uncomfortable to make is the “not knowing” what’s next.

You have no idea what’s going to happen after you get married or when you quit your current job. You’re not alone. The solution to this anxiety is to trust Daddy God that He will take you to the next step prepared to make your move. Whenever you have a fear or stress about a decision don’t make a move yet until you’re certain about your decision. If you want to make your choice then go for it and enjoy the ride.

Don’t ever believe that Daddy God will take you somewhere to hurt you or ruin your life. He will always lead you to be closer to reaching your dream and will never let you down. It is your job to trust that but if you don’t have enough trust you can always look to Jesus because He always has more than enough trust to give.

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  1. Evelyn Santiago
    February 3, 2016

    Words of wisdom, we always need them. Good article keep up the good work! GOD IS GOOD 🙂


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