She Keeps Bringing Up the Past 🙄

Staring at her talk about the past and all you can think is, “Not again with this”.

This woman is always reminding you of what you did last year. Every time she thinks you messed up here we go with the past mistakes you made. It could have happened 5 years ago but to her, it was like it happened yesterday.

Now I question if she ever did forgive me:

If she still thinks I’m the same as I was then what’s the point of changing for real? She’ll never forgive me anyway. Even if she does forgive me, she will not forget.

She Keeps Bringing Up the Past
©Viktor Hanacek 2015

Bringing up the past to anyone hurts. It doesn’t matter what it was but bringing up the past mistakes reminds men of the person they were. Maybe he was the cheater, maybe he was the liar and maybe he was the spender. Maybe he was all 3 things but that doesn’t mean he’s STILL those things.

Women have a habit of believing that their man still wants to do or be a cheater, liar or spender. Three years can pass by and if he buys himself a t-shirt your anger flares up and you are back to past-bashing him.

I know this because I was once this woman. When I got married, I decided to stop bringing up the past for many reasons but the main reason was that I wanted my husband to be able to tell me everything.

This action leads men to hide things from you. Men rather not hear the nagging and would rather risk you finding out about his new t-shirt than tell you about it and for sure hear the past brought up.

If you said you forgave your husband then forget the past. Do not say you cannot forget the past because it hurts too much. I understand it takes time. If you cannot forget for now then DO NOT BRING IT UP. Do not bring up the past at all. If he buys a new t-shirt, compliment his tastes. It’s not like he bought a new car. Really think about how much better he has gotten from before.

If you sincerely feel that your man has not grown enough or changed from the past, that’s another article. If you are a lady and you know you are wrong, go ahead and apologize to your husband. Kiss him and enjoy television together. Vow to not bring up the past again.

If you accidentally do in conversation, catch yourself and apologize. End the conversation or switch it up.

The past is the past. Daddy God doesn’t even bring up the past and so you have no right to either. Get over yourself honey and let it go. It’s hard, I know but in the end it’ll all be worth it and relieving for you.

Another great article to read is: How to Forgive Someone Who Has Hurt You by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer.

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