The Election Results in a Millennial’s Eyes

The Election Results in a Millenial's Eyes
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Donald Trump will be the 45th President of the United States of America after the electoral college gave 306 votes to Trump leaving Hillary Clinton with 232 votes and giving her a second loss to the presidency.

In New York City, we currently have multiple riots where many celebrities have protested against Trump’s win. The largest rally had 11,000 supporters walking the streets. I’ve seen hate in these rallies in the forms of racism, violence, and verbal spitfire, and I’ve also felt the silence left behind from the election.

The silence on the streets of New York City had entered the subways, the bridges, the Starbucks’ and everywhere New Yorkers cross paths due to the confusion this race to the presidency has left us with.

A Millennial, this label was given to me with many connotations that include us being a lazy, and an uninspired group of kids. Honestly, I believe the main belief that makes a Millennial a Millennial is the common belief that we’re fed up with the lies our parents and elders have led us to believe.

The older we get the more we realize just how messed up our society is today. this includes all the problems we have, that most Democrats are want to solve, which includes gender equality, racism, and any discrimination to our society. But we’re also upset at the fact that we have never worked in a great economy and that we have been given a multitrillion-dollar debt to fix that the baby boomers created. Another thing about Millennials is that we’re hard headed. Whether you’re the one to blame or not we’ll blame you in anger to motivate us to do something about it. We listen later. Maybe that’s just me.

I’m annoyed that many older people thought they knew what Millennials thought of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. I’m actually annoyed that people assumed we would all vote Hillary instead of Trump or third party.

Listen, I was all over Buzzfeed, CNN, Facebook, watched Jimmy Fallon’s late night show, read many articles via Twitter, and even saw the funny YouTube videos that honestly were mostly all pro-Hillary but that doesn’t mean that the popular media persuaded every Millennial to vote to the right.

As a Millennial, I was upset that my generation of friends voted for Hillary. Let me rephrase that by saying that I was upset about the fact that even my closest friends voted for Hillary blind. They mostly agreed with the status quo without taking a second  look at the evidence behind Hillarys lies to the general public.

With that stated it doesn’t mean that I backed Donald Trump over everything he’d ever said in his rallies it meant that I dug up my own information from various sources about both candidates. One incredible source of factual information was Wikileaks. Wikileaks has 10 years of history in revealing and exposing government information and has never been accused of giving out information that was false.

Actually, WikiLeaks has exposed many lobbyists, government lies, and secret documents to prove government conspiracy.

It was the Wikileaks emails that fortified my decision to vote against Hillary. As a Millennial and a Hispanic-American woman I understood the importance of human rights, and the reason why we need a leader in our government who would create and back up laws that are just to every citizen of the United States regardless of sex, sexual orientation, disability, and veteran status (and more).

I understand that this was important to you and I want my readers to know that these values are important to me too but to believe that these are the only problems in America worth fighting for is wrong.

It costs money to support those values. To support environmental research and progress, we need money. To provide better schools and highways, we need money. To provide a better health insurance system we must spend money to do so. To help those who cannot work we must fish out and prosecute false benefit users.

All these things cost money. And while we are real good at spending money, we can do a better job of making and saving money in America too. That is why certain things have to go, and we have to compromise and put other things to the side while we work on other things.

If there’s one thing every citizen of the world must learn is that we all have to compromise.

I’d like to even say that many people agree with me because of the electoral map of the United States going all red. What are these values? What was it that the Trump supporters voted for?

That’s a good a good question. Many Trump supporters were silent over social media about their vote and that was mostly because of the wild threats from Democrats accusing many to be racist if you voted Trump.

I bet Democrats asked,

“Why were they not persuaded to vote Hillary? I mean, wasn’t it obvious that Hillary was for the people? Hillary was pro-equality everywhere. Trump, on the other hand, was not. It’s common sense that Trump was against certain people and Hillary wasn’t, so then why would anyone vote Trump at all?”

There are several reasons for this and I’m going to list them and maybe, just maybe Democrats will understand why this happened.

First and foremost many who voted Trump did not keep their eye on media that was solo pro-Clinton or biased to Trump. They looked at everything. Biased news media includes CNN, and even internet based companies like (and I saw with my own eyes) Buzzfeed, Huffington Post, Washington Post, USA Today, Facebook (even if Zuckerberg didn’t mean to), SnapChat and more.

Even television was pro-Hillary which includes Jimmy Fallon’s sketches, SNL sketches, even television shows came back to announce their decision like when Will & Grace came on to show their lean to Hillary.

All I could think was, “These people are blind, do they not see what is going on?” What I meant is that not many people understood that Hillary had kept everyone in their own bubble. As much as Mark Zuckerberg wants to deny Facebook having anything to do with the way voters voted, it does. Whenever you liked a Hillary post or a Donald post, you were shown more posts of the Donald or Clinton. Zuckerberg had even stated that this indeed is how his Facebook algorithm works.

I do not blame Zuckerberg for any of the election results because at the end of the day everyone has the right to learn about each candidate for themselves.

For many Trump supporters, they could see these mass media bias with their own eyes. They discerned this lean to the right and went out on their own to search for media that was trustworthy and reported about both candidates evenly. Kudos to NPR, Flipboard, Twitter, BBC, Politico, Wall Street Journal, and The Economist. Even if I’m wrong about any of these forms of media, do you see that I had viewed more than one source?

I purposely did not view any CNN or Fox News coverage as to not damage my vote to lean toward what their journalists and anchors would believe. I wanted my vote to be mine. (If you believe these two sources are not at all biased then all I can say is you have no idea what you’re constantly being swayed to do).

I found that many of my friends ignored something huge. This also has to do with media coverage but I have to say it’s the biggest reason undecided voted chose red over blue. I’m talking about the Podesta emails. I’ve tried talking to a friend of mine who was a Democrat, about the emails and he let me know that the emails were unimportant because they were in the past. As if we could ignore the past? How many of us have unforgiveness toward someone that we can just easily let go of Hillary’s past like that?

I was shocked of his answer.

Someone that would be considered the next POTUS should have integrity and have years of honest work behind them yet to my friend, it wasn’t necessary. The idea that the Wikileaks emails were not valid and should not be considered as a viable source of information is ridiculous. Actually, when I asked many about their choice of Hillary and asked them about the emails most of my friends ignored the emails and considered WikiLeaks to be a false source.

Wikileaks has 10 years of history in providing an open door to government and giving a voice to our nation and it’s unacceptable that the news about Hillary’s leaked emails by Wikileaks would be completely ignored by anyone. These emails proved several things against Hillary and was a huge reason why many undecided voters swayed toward Donald being our next president. These emails proved that:

  • The Clinton Foundation funds were used as a personal bank account to Bill, Chelsea, and Chelsea’s husband
  • Clinton rigged the Democratic primaries and had Bernie Sanders lose
  • Clinton had Trump placed as Republican candidate to make her win easy
  • Clinton bribed media to fake poll numbers, and be biased toward her campaign
  • Clinton started campaign early, took donations from other questionable countries and leaders

There are way more to the emails than just that but in just what was stated above Hillary should have simply been disqualified but wasn’t.

I found it unjust that Hillary Clinton has gotten away with rigging the elections and having her voters believe fake numbers but although she had committed these crimes against America, the voters prevailed against her and she lost the race!

These emails were the reason she lost. Whether WikiLeaks planned for it to directly affect Clinton’s campaign or not only the citizens of the United States who dug a little deeper knew what had happened. Luckily, citizens knew to keep her from winning the presidency.

Why didn’t anyone then vote third party? The reason for that is because any vote that wasn’t against Hillary was a vote for her anyway. Voting third party would have taken votes away from Trump and would have led her to win the presidency. This is the way Trump supporters thought about things.

They decided to vote against Hillary, they had to compromise their beliefs in social rights against their belief in having a candidate with integrity.

This is why people voted Trump. As a Millennial, I feel as if my friends who we all grew up together at a time where we changed social equality must also learn that while this is important to living in a free world we must also prove to each other and other people that we minorites, or dumb kids, are not so dumb.

The government doesn’t have to prove that for us. When we prove this, laws will change and the numbers will change for the better. Better education and government starts at the local establishment. In our city halls, and communities is where we start change. Although your candidate may have lost change can come within your own cities and streets.

I hope that while you riot you are educating children on how important it is to treat everyone with respect whether they are poor or rich, black or white (I hate stating colors), or pro-Hillary or pro-Trump.

It’s in our own homes where we can each our daughters to work hard and earn their equal pay, it’s in our playgrounds where we teach children to apologize to each other and forgive one another.

It’s while we take our walks outside where we teach our children about the animals we live around and the environment we share with them.

The government should let us be able to do this all fairly.

Before you accuse people of being racist, put yourself in their shoes. Ask why, ask why to their choice. Don’t slam the door to each other. What kind of example is that?

Yessenia Diaz has a background in graphic and web design but is also intrigued by writing and teaching. Yessenia created Tru.Works as an outlet for all her talents and continues collecting stories from around the world to share with people all across the interweb. Follow Yessenia on Instagram and her favorite, Twitter, @ythegreatdiaz.

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