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The Letter. YouTube Series Review
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The Letter., a show where 4 best friends share things they wouldn’t say to one another to lead better lives through an anonymous letter.

There are best of friends in which you can tell each other anything and enjoy each other’s company by feeling as if you can be your complete self with one another. You laugh, cry, dance, and handle each other’s problems one step at a time but in The Letter., best friends are challenged to see if they really are as good of friends as they say they are and if they all can handle confrontation from each other and remain friends afterward.

In the first episode of season one of The Letter., we are introduced to four girls from Hoboken, New Jersey who have been friends since their college years and introduced to each other through their sorority. Years later they are still best of friends and all want to challenge their friendship through The Letter.

We meet the group of girls and learn about their friendships but as we would expect to learn about each girl individually we actually don’t and are asked to watch each girl write a letter anonymously to one of the girls in their group of friends before really getting to know each girl.

Every girl is okay with writing their letter. It’s not so hard to write what you feel is wrong with your friend and telling them what they need to do to feel better about themselves but as each person dishes out their letter they will also receive a letter of their own.

The rules are, you write a letter, receive a letter, and then you must do what your friends asks you to do in the letter for a week.

For my reader’s sake, I ‘ll introduce you to each character such as Rory who to her friends has an unhealthy obsession with her dogs and is closed off to her friends, Amy, who went through a horrible 8-year long relationship who now doesn’t take care of herself as a woman should anymore. Jill suffered from bulimia when she was younger and now has an obsession or addiction to exercise and Lekwon, who when she’s bored, writes boys over social media and enjoys talking to them without making a serious thing with the guys she constantly chats with. 

After each girl reads their letter, they can only guess who wrote their letter but has to come to their own selves and ask if they truly have the problem their friends accuse them off having. Some girls cry, others get angry but they accepted the challenge and have to suck up their pride and fulfill their end of the bargain.

Shortly after they read their letters, Rory is met with a guy who picks up her dogs for a week so she can face herself. Lekwon is asked to stop writing guys for a week and find value in herself while Jill must talk to addiction specialists to see why she has an obsession with exercise, and Amy must begin speed dating after she lets go of her ex and her past. 

A letter from a close friend that points out your weaknesses is hurtful but it takes a certain person to accept what was written, respects it, and do something about it. Each girl adheres to their friend’s demands and fulfills what their friends want to be completed for themselves.

Although they found it easy to share what they felt about their friend each girl has a harder time figuring out how to deal with their own problems and successfully handling their challenges. The girl that impacted me the most is the story of Lekwon where she learned that she faced rejection twice with men over the color of her skin. With that rejection, she found it easier to have fun with guys than to get seriously involved with them because in her past, 2 men she dated long-term broke up with her because of her skin color and their own parent’s racism.

Lekwon encountered a woman in the park during her challenge who shared her rejection story and let Lekwon know that those relationships aren’t the end of her happiness and they don’t mean each relationship she’ll have will end the same way. Each girl, like Lekwon, battles their own insecurities and must bring them to light to their other friends at the end of the show.

By the end of the episode, each girl learns who wrote their letter and their adventure in becoming a better them. The concept for The Letter. is new in which we’re not just bashing girls for their issues but also trying to solve them within their friendships. The first episode is out on Hulu and should be updated within the following week.

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