The Ranch a Western Family Sitcom

The Ranch a Western Family Sitcom
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The Ranch TV Series starring Ashton Kutcher is a story of a semi-pro football player who returns home to Colorado to work on the family business.

Colt Bennett (Ashton Kutcher) returns home to his family ranch in Colorado to continue his career in professional football. A Netflix original, the story of The Ranch is told so far with two parts and each part has ten, thirty-minute episodes that tell the story of Colt Bennet’s return to Colorado and his relationship with his family.

Colt’s return brings him to a ranch that he doesn’t remember. He realizes that the ranch he grew up in has slowed down in business after he left to become a pro football player. Beau Bennett (Sam Elliot) who is Cole’s father explains that there has been no rain in Colorado since Cole had left.

In the first episode of The Ranch, Cole reestablishes his relationship with his mother, Maggie Bennet (Debra Winger) who he learned still has relations with Colt’s father even though they have seemed to split for years now. It’s also nostalgic to see Ashton Kutcher work alongside Danny Masterson who plays his older brother, Jameson “Rooster” Benett, who stayed behind to help his father work on the ranch.

As the episode later explains, Colt had left his hometown to follow his dream to be a pro football player. Cole shares with his father after giving birth to a calf for him that he felt pushed to move away because of his father’s tough pressure on him.Beau explains that he believed in him to be a big star and wanted him to leave the ranch to pursue his dreams. But at the same time, Beau seems to be angry that Colt had left him and his brother behind for years with no visit to attend to the ranch alone. Beau Bennet still ignites fights with Colt believing that Colt is only visiting because he needs a place to stay while he goes for the Colorado’s pro football tryout.

Beau Bennet has not changed his ways of being a harsh and hard to please father and his personality had gotten worse since after Colt left the ranch. The relationship between Colt and his Father Beau feeds the first episodes and explains a lot of Colt’s reasoning behind leaving town. This strained relationship doesn’t stop Colt from attending his scouting opportunity and then later lands the job to begin a professional career in football.

Colt later lies to his family that he did not make the team because he wants to continue living with his family and work for his father on his ranch. Colt’s mind was changed after spending time with his brother and father and giving birth to a calf which led him to learn more about his family. After Cole saves the life of his father’s calf his father picks a fight with him where Rooster has to prevent both his father and younger brother, Colt from swinging at each other.

It’s not until their fight heads outside and gets settled by Rooster that a rainstorm covers the ranch in rain that has long been needed for Beau’s ranch. The rain halts all fighting momentarily for the Bennet family and has them all end the episode sitting down and enjoying the rain with each other’s company.

The Ranch is a nostalgic family sitcom that brings great cheer to the heart when we see matters resolved between the Bennett family. It’s nice to see brothers who still care about each other, a son who wants his father’s approval and a father who wants to provide and save his ranch for the future of his two boys.

The jokes are slow in The Ranch but entertaining and behind the Southern accent of Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson are two brothers who don’t want to leave each other behind again and will do anything to help their father save his ranch. The ranch that Beau’s worked on his whole life is that one thing that brings every character back to each other.

Colt’s mother still checks up on Beau’s ranch because she realizes that if the ranch is doing fine then Beau will be doing alright. The ranch is what keeps their relationship going, while Rooster and Colt now work on the ranch alongside their father to restore any loss it has attained while Colt was gone.

Will the ranch be restored to a flourishing state? We won’t know that until the end of the series but with whatever happens to the ranch it’ll surely affect the relationship Beau has with his sons and wife and vice versa.



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