The Streamy Awards 2016

The Streamy Awards 2016
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October 4th marks the 6th annual Streamy Awards Ceremony. The Streamy Awards honors the best online content creators who create videos for YouTube and other online video websites. Hosted by King Bach, a young comedian, internet sensation and also known as the most followed person on Vine, the 2016 Streamy Awards is the most memorable yet.

King Bach introduces the Streamy Awards with an introduction of who he is and why he’s suitable to be a host for the Streamy Awards, but he also jokes about why the Streamy Awards were created which is in celebration of YouTube and online video content creators who have work in different categories.

This year marks an important year for the Streamy Awards in which King Bach introduces new content creators who have entered the video realm within the year.

Between the jokes and laughter it all comes down to business as each category gets called out and its winners are given their trophies by different presenters like James Van Der Beek and

The Streamy Awards is known to give awards to various subjects in online video such as best animated series, best breakout creator, best comedy series, best drama series, best feature series, best first person series, best Indie series, best international series, best non-fiction series, best virtual reality and 360 series, best action or sci-fi series, best beauty series, best fashion series, best food series, best gaming series, best health and wellness series, best kids and family series, best lifestyle series, best news and culture series, best pranks series, best science or education series, best sports series, best actor and separately best actress.

Not only does the Streamy Awards have categories for individual shows but for other talents such as best collaborations, best dance, best ensemble cast, best breakthrough artists, best cover song, best original song, best cinematography, best costume design, best directing, best editing, best visual and special effects, best writing, best live series, best Snapchat storyteller, best Viner, best brand campaign, and best social good campaign.

The two biggest categories to win are the entertainer of the year and the show of the year. The nominees for entertainer of the year were Baby Ariel, Cameron Dallas, Casey Neistat, The Dolan Twins, Kian Lawley, Lilly Singh, Liza Koshy, Roman Atwood, Sky Does Minecraft, and the winner of the entertainer of the year award went to Yousef Erekat.

As for the best show of the year, the nominees were Camp Unplug, Daily Bumps. The Game Theorists, Good Mythical Morning, McJuggerNuggets’ Psycho Series, Miranda Sings, Rooster Teeth, The Try Guys, The Young Turks, and the winner was The Phillip DeFranco Show.

On the Streamy Awards website, you can find the list of the other winners listed in every category. With the various presenters and talented video creators in the audience the 2016 Streamy Awards was entertaining and hilarious to watch. You can find different videos on YouTube of the live stream where you can see King Bach having a dance-off with one of the presenters and even a live 360 picture of the audience that got posted on social media.

It is awards shows like the Streamys that honors and recognizes the good that every online video creator puts out into the world via their online series. Each nominee has motivated and inspired many people around the world with their content and Monologue Blogger wants to take part and spread the news of the Streamy Awards through our website and hope for more creators to come about and spread knowledge and entertainment around the world .

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