Tom Segura: Mostly Stories is Perfectly Rehearsed

Tom Segura: Mostly Stories is Perfectly Rehearsed
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Tom Segura is a comedian that has considerably mastered joke presentation wonderfully and it shows in Tom Segura: Mostly Stories, now streaming on Netflix.

Let’s start with a quick background on Segura. Segura is a comedian originally from Cincinnati, Ohio. He has been performing and rehearsing how to make his jokes work for many years. His jokes come from his personal life experiences, and his love for his profession and how serious he takes writing jokes, acting, and performing.

Segura starts out his comedy show with an opening sequence of his love for the city of Seattle and its residents. Segura displays his love for Seattle by sharing video scenarios of confrontations and conversations he’s had and witnessed in Seattle that has inspired him.

His inspiration for Mostly Stories comes from the people of Seattle and other past adventures he’s had. This quick introduction goes from a serious acknowledgment of his love for comedy to a funny sketch of how annoying and awful people inspire his jokes and there are many of these people in Seattle.

Segura hits the stage with a warm presence and quickly lets his audience know he’s just like them. He wants to laugh and tell his stories and make his audience laugh. After thanking his Seattle audience we learn that Segura is 41 and still learning how to socially interact with people without being awkward. He finds that to this day that he gets passed awkward social conversations using his comedy. The social interactions he’s encountered in his travels are the basis for his jokes in Mostly Stories.

Segura’s first few jokes are down to earth and humbling because he speaks of topics that the audience and viewer around the world keep to themselves. It’s almost as if he speaks what his viewers are thinking. He lets out his thoughts with his audience as a sincere and modest man who has life experiences that he can only get through with comedy.

Tom Segura’s jokes range from his new experiences as a father to his celebrity stories and his love for making people awkward in public. He’s titled his show, Mostly Stories, perfectly because he shares stories of his life as if in conversation with you. His jokes roll swiftly from his mouth and you can tell that Segura has rehearsed greatly because his words do not stumble. You will not hear any hesitations. Segura performs as a natural with his comfortable storytelling with absolutely no odd silences or pauses.

Segura’s words are perfectly aligned with his actions, faces, and energy that his act is completely enjoyable due to his explanations of social situations that are awkward to the average joe. Segura reveals that social interactions are just as uncomfortable for him as it is his audience but he gets out of his discomfort using comedy.

A memorable joke he shares is his experience with parents who bring babies to movie theaters as if this decision won’t end up with their baby crying during the middle of the movie. He wonders why people think this decision is going to end up well for them and discusses his issue with what he believes is an inconsiderate action of parents to do because when a baby cries in a movie theater it becomes an awkward scenario for everyone trying to watch the movie.

This joke is similar to all his other jokes where he brings up situations in his life that he felt were unfair and how he has resolved his problem but is different because no two experiences in life are the same. He then tells us that he went to see another movie the next day and another couple had a baby in the theater. What’s funny is that Segura cannot believe that this is happening to him once again and two days in a row.

By the end of his story he shares he stood up in the middle of the theater and yelled out nonsense to the crowd that led him running out the theater in fear of getting beat up by the father of the crying baby.

This story is relatable to his audience because we all want to be able to go off on parents and their babies that cry in theaters but we can’t because of the fact that you would be upset over a baby which is considered to be a situation where one must be understanding of the parent’s situation. This joke is brilliantly told and acted out that by the end of this joke you’ve realized you’re twenty minutes into his act and you’ve noticed you haven’t stopped laughing.

Not only are Segura’s stories relatable and enjoyable, his jokes are interesting. You’re captured by each story’s premise and you need to know how each story ends whether it ends up funny or not. Luckily, Segura is hilarious and every story he tells has a great ending.

Segura’s love for comedy and his profession is obvious in the way he tells his jokes. His routine is perfectly rehearsed and written carefully. Every joke he shares folds into the next one making his performance seamless. The crowd of Seattle agrees with Segura throughout the whole sketch with laughter, applaud, and cheers that as a viewer you laugh along with.



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