Unexpectedly, London Has Fallen Review

Unexpectedly, London Has Fallen Review
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Movies, where cities get taken over by aliens, or assassination attempts of our president may be done up but London Has Fallen has a different twist.

London Has Fallen is different in where you may believe the movie would be about the American government but what I found was that this movie had more to do with other countries and London than I assumed.

The idea of the President being compromised in another country and needing to be rescued from that country makes London Has Fallen different than other attempted presidential assassination movies.

We learn quickly that Mike Banning (Gerard butler) is a secret service member to the President of the United States who’s name is Benjamin Asher (Aaron Eckhart). It’s established in the first scene that these two are close and that Banning is the right-hand man to the President. Banning holds the President’s life in his hands.

As the movie progresses we understand that the Prime Minister of Britain has passed away and that multiple world leaders are to attend his funeral in London.

Obviously, at this funeral there are too many politicians headed in the same area and audiences knows well and are familiar with the idea that where there are too many important people they can become a target of terrorism.

It doesn’t take long until after we are introduced to all the politicians where we realize something may be off in London. As expected, terrorists disguised themselves as London police officers attack politicians who are about to enter the funeral location, politicians who arrived by boat, and who are still traveling in their cars. One of the few politicians to escape is the President of the United States, thanks to Mike Banning’s secret service skills.

The massive attacks have destroyed many iconic London structures and Banning and the President must escape to their helicopters to leave harm’s way. The attempt to escape by helicopter fails and they lose many men and other U.S. government officials. With the world uncertain of the whereabouts of the President, it’s up to the Vice President, Allan Trumbull (Morgan Freeman), to communicate with Mike Banning and President Asher.

From the United States, the Vice President’s goal is to find the President and have him escape capture from Kamran Barkawi who we later find out is head of terrorist operations in London and who works for his father, a giant arms dealer, Aamir Barkawi. At the same time, the U.S. government cannot directly communicate with the President.

As night begins to fall, Mike Banning leads the President through various dangerous scenarios and escapes many of them up until right before they make a bold move to leave for the U.S. embassy in London.

It is here where Banning loses the President and has to catch up to him before he is slaughtered on Youtube by Kamran Barkawi for the whole world to watch.

Why does Barkawi need to kill the President? Does Mike Banning catch up to the President before he’s slaughtered? Who is giving information to the opposing side from the British government? These are all questions that can be answered by the end of the movie.

Using London as the backdrop for the terrorist attacks in London Has Fallen it has Americans are unfamiliar with London and how the city works. We may know of London but not many can say they truly understand the British Government. This makes this movie have a twist of its own because of unfamiliar territory.

Banning not only has a duty to protect the President of the United States but he also has a duty as a husband and soon to be father to return back to the United States alive to see his unborn daughter and wife. We can all relate to the balance of work and family we deal with in America and the scare of terrorism that is on the back of Americans minds where at any moment anything can happen to you.

The struggle to balance work, family, and deal with today’s problems in society with terrorism is a problem that Banning deals with daily and is a reflection of not only what a secret service member combats every day but also in the lives of all Americans.

Throughout the movie, we are reminded that Banning and the President have power and lives that are intense and hold great responsibility but at the end of the day, they both want to make it home to their families.

Gerard Butler does great in his fight scenes with terrorists and in his dialogue between the President and himself. I found myself forgetting he was Gerard Butler and being very intrigued with what the outcome for this movie would be.

The movie ends with the feeling that London has fallen but it will rebuild itself and then cuts to a homely scene where Mike Banning is at home and gets to spend time with his daughter and wife but at the same time has to decide between continuing his career in the secret service or finally retiring.

London Has Fallen is an intense action-filled movie where you wil lfind yourself surprised by what the President and Mike Banning must do to escape London and make it back to the United States.

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