Using Jealousy to Get Attention

Using Jealousy to Get Attention
Using Jealousy to Get Attention
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Jealousy can be fun. For a woman, it is a good feeling to see your man get a little jealous. We have a desire to want to be wanted by her man and jealousy gives us the satisfaction that is unexplainable.

Now I am a culprit of trying to make my husband jealous. He is not a jealous type, he is trusting of me and is a calm person. But after eight years you can get bored and want to know if you still got it.

Obviously, I still have it if were still married but any woman’s mind it’s fun to change things up. The only problem with this is that it’s not the right thing to do.

Making your spouse jealous for attention or to splice your relationship up is not the right solution to for fill your need of attention. The correct solution is communication and letting your spouse know that you need it.

No one’s going to get it right on the first try and so while you may have told your spouse once, twice, three times it is just a reminder that in marriage there can be a lot of repetition until we get things right.

You don’t want a jealous husband. Or a jealous boyfriend. That can bring insecurity into your relationship. Insecurities and relationships can bring more issues up, then you may want.

It is better to try new things in your relationship than to try to provoke new things in your relationship.

I’m suggestions of new things to try is taking a walk before bed, trying out a $20 date, catching a movie, playing a game, wearing something different, getting a makeover, or going out of town.

It doesn’t have to be a major difference, it just has to be something new.

I urge you to take a moment before trying to spark emotion out of your husband and let him know you want more attention. You may need more conversation and attention that doesn’t lead to sex.

Communicate with your spouse. Don’t let it go so long.

Tell him over and over nicely. If it doesn’t work it may be time to take a serious tone and state your opinion with an ultimatum.

Let me explain.

I’ve recently let my husband know I needed attention or I was going to get it somewhere else. He turned to me and listened and although it may not fix the problem forever, it really let him know what was going on in my head.

He’s working on it and I’m being patient about it.

Jealousy is not the solution. Don’t open that door. Communication is.

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