What IOS 10 Means for the Entertainment Industry

What IOS 10 Means for the Entertainment Industry
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Apple’s IOS 10 will launch this Fall and its application updates will demand new work from the entertainment industries content creators around the world.

So what does the release of the IOS 10 mean for the entertainment industry? The answer is simple. Apple will need more entertainment for iPhone users. Content creators will soon realize that Apple has opened up its iPhones to enhance relationships with its users using the updated Messages, News, Music and other apps as a new source to blast new media in illustration, music and writing.

IOS 10 has many new app updates that admittingly, Samsung has already launched with the Galaxy Note 5, and now the Galaxy Note 7, but this catch-up for Apple will benefit professionals in the entertainment industry in varied ways. Entrepreneurs can finally connect deeper with iPhone users and iPhone users will have more fun and entertaining ways to communicate with other iPhone owners. Which means that content creators will be able to produce more media for Apple in its new IOS 10 update.

The biggest advancement for Apple will be the Messages App. In IOS 9 we were able to text each other over wifi which saves us from using our text messages and send photos and videos to others from our Macbooks that would instantly update on the iPhone.

With IOS 10 we will be able to do more than simply send messages. Apple has allowed third-party apps to integrate with its Messages app. The Messages app will now allow texters to use stickers within the Messages app. If you’re an illustrator, you now have a new platform to sell your illustrations for everyday use in the Messages App. Apple has also allowed iPhone users to buy tickets with Fandango, reserve seating at a restaurant with OpenTable, or get a ride with Uber or Lyft within the Messages App, without ever having to leave the app itself.

Let’s say you are the director of a small play and you would like to have your friends purchase tickets without having to open up a link in Safari to go through the whole checkout process online, you now can quickly have your friends purchase tickets via the Messages App. How convenient is this? Very. This convenience means an easier way to sell out venues, purchase rides or buy movie tickets.

The Messages App has a large update in IOS 10 but there are other apps that will be updated considerably. The Apple Music App will have a complete redesign but will have the same purpose of connecting Apple Music users with music artists, movies, and television episodes with a better-looking app that will make it easier to connect and stay updated with the music industry. Lyrics have also been added to Apple Music as a way to engage more with the music bought on Apple Music. Apple Music has completed changed the way the music industry creates, markets, and launches music and this update will be much needed for music buffs and music creators globally.

Another app that will be updated with Apple’s iPhone 7 launch and IOS release in the fall will include the News app. The News app can now be used to subscribe to other news media. From the News app itself, you can subscribe to the New York Times or the Wall Street Journal which means you’ll have a constant connection with your news digest of choice. The demand for writers will grow with the launch of IOS 10, if not already, to meet the demand of online journalism with a new platform to share content with.

In IOS 10, widgets will now be featured on the lock screen. Currently, there aren’t many widgets to choose from, but with the new purpose widgets will have with IOS 10, more and more media and entertainment companies will see the new importance of creating widgets. Widgets will be the first thing iPhone users will look at before they unlock their iPhone. More developers will be needed to keep widgets updated and entertaining.

IOS 10, and the iPhone 7 will revive the iPhone. For so long Apple has tried to keep itself separated from other applications and businesses, which has led to little improvements since the iPhone 5 ,but with IOS 10 it is clear that Apple is opening its software to content creators around the world and embracing collaboration with other media companies and entrepreneurs. Apple is relying on content creators to make its latest update valuable.

Apple will need more developers to create innovative applications and widgets. Apple will need illustrators to create stickers for its Messages app, musicians to upload new music to Apple Music, writers to write for news media so iPhone users can subscribe to their stories within the updated News App. 

IOS 10 is for the entertainment industry. It will be easier now for iPhone users to purchase tickets, explore new music, and read new articles. This means more jobs for content creators around the world and the beginning of a new era in fresh and exciting content for consumers to enjoy.

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