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Breaking Inspires Me
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Breaking, or what many noobs call, “breakdancing” developed in New York City Bronx streets in the 1960’s into what we’re more familiar with from the 1980’s. From the 80’s to today breakers from then and young emerging bboys have made breaking more than a marvel to watch but an inspiration to anyone who values practice, time, and talent.

With anything you are inspired to do bboys also train daily. Some bboys have been recorded to practice more than four hours a day, every day. Recently, bboy Pocket, who won the 2016 UDEF crew battle championship on October 9, 2016 was crowned the king of power. I agree and believe he’s the king of power moves and with a title like that, he also has the nickname of the rocket because of the way he blasts his power moves out. When Pocket performs his flares, air flares, and other power moves, they are pristine and acted out perfectly in bursts that can.

I had the chance to go to UDEF’s Silverback competition yesterday and the technique all these bboys had were awe-inspiring. Napalm, was a judge for prelims, as many others were. I’ve been watching Napalm since I was 16 and to actually get a chance to talk to him about what he does was a fun and humanizing conversation. This man just practices his stuff every day.

Talking to other bboys and going back to Pocket, he’s been rumored to only eat green foods. This is what bboys want to know from the best bboys. What are other bboys doing that I am not doing? It was also intense watching bboy Lilou bump into bboy Gravity during the semi-finals. Lilou and Gravity almost fought each other but luckily things simmered down and the competition continued. Lilou ended up disqualifying himself and his crew for his attempt to flip over Gravity but I mean, Lilou has a history of flipping over other bboys but this is probably the first time he attempted the flip and crashed.

Lilous is a two-time Red Bull BC One Champion and has a spectacular talent that many can believe he was born with but in actuality, it is rare that someone is born with their talents. Most people find their passion and practice it. I’ve realized that to be great at something you must stick with it and discipline yourself to surround yourself with that thing you want to be great at.

You must eat live and breath it.

Like breaking, it is not for everyone because not everyone wants to be the best breaker, but for those you who do you must learn everything and anything about breaking. Breaking professionally requires exercise, a superb diet, and hours of daily practice. You will get your cuts and bruises but each scar and every moment of pain is a reminder of the struggle you went through before your first windmill, your first flare, your first win in a battle.

Bboys eat, live, and breath breaking. The best bboys don’t practice here and there, they practice every day. Breakers like Cloud, Lilou, and Pocket have moves that no one else can accomplish. Pocket may stick to power moves more than let us say Lilou and Cloud, which don’t get me wrong they both have power, but they have more style and have more originality. But, Pocket is the best powerhead bboy in the world. Of Cloud and Lilou, it is Lilou who has more of a bboy flare than Cloud because Cloud can dance it all. Cloud incorporates other styles into his breaking that other judges may not want to consider as breaking but in my opinion, Cloud has a skill that not many have. He’s creative and original but can pull out moves with such precision from different musical genres that your mouth stays open while you watch him freestyle. Cloud is considered one of the world’s best bboys.

Watching and learning about new bboys also has inspired me to hone all my crafts. Like bboys practice their footwork, top rock, threads, and power moves, I too should practice not only my bboying but my writing, my speaking, and my acting or whatever else I want to be.

These bboys are just humans who have a passion for hip hop and dance. Others of you have a passion for fitness, art, in your career, and it’s a wonderful thing to have but to be the best, if that’s what you want to be, you must have your life be all about that passion. Once your children are at school, your bills are paid, then it’s back to training, back to practicing, learning, and it’s all about honing your skills. Naturally, in what you do you’ll make it your own because there’s only one of you but even if you’re not the first bboy, the first bodybuilder, or the first opera singer, you can always strive to be the best, the most strange, the most creative, or whatever you want to be with your craft.

What is that thing you want to do? For me, it’s not only writing but I want to be great at spreading laughter and advice around the world. Sharing tips on what’s helped me accomplish whatever I’m doing today to people in need of counseling or guidance. There are many people who have done what I want to do and there’s no reason I can’t be a great bboy, or bgirl. There’s no reason I can’t be a great actor, an amazing fitness model, or anything I want to be. Anything is truly possible.

Hone your craft, eat, breath, and live, your skill. Do it now while you have the drive. When you wait, your drive will slow down and you’ll get yourself involved into something easy.

At the UDEF Silverback championship, I was inspired to get back into dancing. It’s simply amazing what surrounding yourself around  your passion can ignite in your heart. I can do anything I put my mind ,body, and soul into and I want you all to know that you can also do the same thing.

The bboys you watch on YouTube were not born with their skills, most people aren’t. They slaved night and day to gain their titles and wins. Very few can sing, dance, act, and train without practicing and actually performing. The great vocalist, Mariah Carey, must keep her vocal chords strong, Arnold Schwarzenegger trains his body to keep his built appearance, and we can continue on and on with millions of examples of great people who are known for their skills that simply worked hard to obtain and/or maintain them.

I challenge you to throw yourself back in the game. Practice your skills every day and never let go of what motivates you to get up and dance or sing. Lift your weights every day and practice your sets while on the train. Live, breathe, and eat your passion away. Do it today before today passes you by and you’ve realized that you let too many days pass you by without any progression.

Yessenia Diaz has a background in graphic and web design but is also intrigued by writing and teaching. Yessenia created Tru.Works as an outlet for all her talents and continues collecting stories from around the world to share with people all across the interweb. Follow Yessenia on Instagram and her favorite, Twitter, @ythegreatdiaz.

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